Candace Owens Says Racism No Longer Exists Because She Isn’t a Slave

Candace Owens (Twitter)

“Stop taking away our self-confidence by telling us that we can’t because of racism, because of slavery,” she urged.

By Christina Santi, Ebony

Candace Owens has made waves by being vocal of her support of President Donald Trump. During the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 1, the director of communications for Turning Point USA, said that racism doesn’t exist because she has never been a slave.

“America is not a racist country, The people that continue to tell us that have a vested interest in racism,” Owens according to reporter Daniel Dale.

“Stop selling us our own oppression,” Owens continued in a video posted by The Daily Beast. “Stop taking away our self-confidence by telling us that we can’t because of racism, because of slavery. I’ve never been a slave in this country.”

Her comments about slavery mirror what Kanye West said during his controversial rant at TMZ in May 2018. Owens was present for the interview when the rapper said, “You hear about slavery for 400 years. For 400 years? That sound like a choice.”

Several people have called out the prominent Black conservative for her statement including host and digital analyst Roland Martin.

“Candace Owens is paid by a pro-Trump super PAC. She proved once again that she is not a student of history,” Martin tweeted.

Others pointed out the hypocrisy in her statement about racism because the media personality’s family received a $37,5000 settlement from the Stamford, Connecticut Board of Education over racism claims.

According to the News Times, more than a decade ago Owens’ family took legal action after she received messages using a racial slur from fellow high school classmates threatening to kill her.

In 2016, she wrote an open letter to the Stamford Advocate where she said the racial epithet “destroyed” her and led her to an eating disorder for which she needed therapy.

This article originally appeared in Ebony.

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  1. Really folks? She didn’t say racism doesn’t exist because she’s not a slave. She said stop telling people of color they can’t be successful because of racism, because of slavery. Then she said, “I’m not a slave.” She’s not oppressed by the racists or the past because she can rise above both and she has. It does tremendous harm to young people of color to tell them they can’t succeed in this nation because “it’s racist ” or because of past oppression. She’s saying look at me; you can rise in this nation no matter what your heritage is, even if your ancestors were once enslaved. To say she stupidly claimed “America is not racist because I’m not a slave” is a gross misrepresentation of her words and sadly typical of left wing media “reporting” (if you want to call it that).

  2. I don’t recall hearing anyone, Democrat or Republican, ever saying or implying that a black person cannot succeed in America because of racism. What I was always taught was that I have to work hard to overcome racism. Anyone who would suggest there is no racism in America should reconsider their position considering all that black people have overcome during and post slavery. Overcoming racism doesn’t by any means indicate racism doesn’t exist. It is just a testament to who we are as a people. So, racism certainly is prevalent in OUR country but for any of my brothers and sisters who have not experienced it, count yourself truly blessed. The rest of us will continue to rise and overcome and we will do it with or without YOU. GOD bless you


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