Call to action for youth sports during COVID-19

Dr. Gregory Primus

By Joseph Phillips, Crusader Sports Writer

Dr. Gregory Primus, former Chicago Bear, orthopedic surgeon and owner of CSO Sports Multiplex at 1301 E. 47th Street in Hyde Park, held a press conference on August 6, to address a call to action for youth sports during COVID-19.

During the press conference, Primus was joined by several former professional athletes, and educators, including Dr. Lloyd Walton and Kendall Gill (retired NBA players), boxing champion Montel Griffin, President of Jackie Robinson West Little League, Todd Prince, and Olive Harvey College Director of Sports, Robert Fletcher.

PICTURED ABOVE FOLLOWING a recent press conference is Dr. Gregory Primus (standing, second from right) and his youth coalition, who are on a quest to save youth sports during COVID-19. The event was held at the CSO Sports Multiplex in Chicago on August 6 to announce the coalition, which included professionals from the various medical and sports disciplines.

The group shared their views and solutions about how to better provide resources and outlets for inner city youth in the community.

“Our youth are our greatest natural resource,” said Walton, during the press conference at the Sports Multiplex Center. “And unfortunately, it’s the least protected.”

Walton and a host of other Chicago leaders, educators and coaches in attendance supported Primus’ call to action to help promote youth sports in the community during these unprecedented times.

Primus’ health center is attached to an 80,000-sq.ft. sports complex and fitness center primarily designed for children as a safe place to engage in sports and recreational activities.

The sports complex also allows for mentorship programs, social development, and sports activities ranging from basketball to volleyball, baseball to football, soccer to dance, martial arts to boxing, and many other activities.

Primus also made a call to action to promote the idea of mandatory on site COVID-19 testing for the youth who attend the facility.

Primus believes that the mandatory testing on site will not only help lower the risk of the spread of the virus but will protect those engaged in everyday sports activities.

He also stated that he and his colleagues are distraught over the devastating effect of COVID-19 on the Black and brown communities and see it as a major reflection of the many disparities that affect those communities.

“The sports complex allows for children to have a place to call home, and keeps them engaged and off the streets,” said Primus. “And we know in this current state of economic despair in the middle of a pandemic, gun violence and death rates coming from bullets are at an all-time high, higher than it’s been in nearly 20 years.”

Since opening in 2018, Primus has developed a Multiplex HealthCenter with specialists, that strategically represents the community it serves.

This includes services such as Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Chiropractic Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Interventional Radiology, Pain Care, and a fully equipped Urgent Care center, which is one of the first and very few Black-owned urgent care centers in the country providing care in primarily Black communities.

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