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Businessman challenges others to offset a child’s school expenses

After One Week Hundreds Of Businessmen Have Signed On To Ensure That No Child Is Left Behind In Prep For School

Early Walker-owner of W&W Towing has once again stepped up to the plate to offset the inherited challenges of many children in their preparation for the first day of school. Walker has assembled hundreds of business leaders throughout Illinois and beyond to sign up for his all new “I PROMISE BACK TO SCHOOL CHALLENGE” to benefit children in grades K-12.

Walker put forth this challenge to all business owners to unite to assist kids in need by simply embracing a pledge that states, “I Pledge to Adopt a Child who is Challenged by Poverty and will Assist Them by Taking on their:

  • Registration Fees
  • Uniforms
  • School Supplies
  • New Shoes
  • Winter Coat

* Escort on the 1st Day of School

* One Sponsored School Activity

* Host a Career Day at School

* Lifetime Membership

Bishop Larry D. Trotter of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago adds, “What Mr. Walker and these business leaders are doing goes beyond just a mere purchase of school supplies. But to offer themselves as lifetime mentors, escort these kids to school on day one as well as sponsoring an after school activity is groundbreaking.”

Walker has established a Facebook page titled, “I Promise Challenge” as well as a website, IPROMISECHALLENGE.COM.

Thus far over 100 business owners have signed on and have promised to complete all of the objectives within the pledge to these children. What was initially intended to specifically benefit only children who have lost a parent to gun violence has now been extended to benefit children who not only lack a parent due to tragedy, but also to all children who come from poverty ridden families.

Walker and his core of business leaders will approach the first day of school in the manner of a “National Day of Concentration” for children who have enormous challenges concerning the proper resources necessary to have a successful school year.

Early Walker has earned the incredible reputation as the single most prominent philanthropist of children in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Any Google research of his charitable outreaches to children and broken families in Illinois details an abnormal and most credible heart of giving for “hurting people” of all walks of life. He has been acknowledged and lauded for his heartfelt giving by elected officials, civic and clergy leaders throughout the United States.

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