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Bottled water: How long does it really last?

Bottled water is past just being popular, it’s a way of life now. Most people don’t trust regular water that comes out the tap. Nowadays, the majority of people usually consume water that is either filtered in some way or bottled. With bottled water, many of us buy it in packs or in bulk, which raises questions about how long it should last. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reports that bottled waters have an unclear shelf life, especially if it is produced according to regulations & remains unopened. Hence, the expiration dates on water bottles are voluntary, & might reflect odor and taste rather safety. Because of this reason, you will possibly not find “sell by”, “best by” or “use by” dates on the bottle. But can the water inside go bad? The answer is yes.

Although many of us don’t have the fancy machines or detectors at home, you can use your “senses” as a reliable way to find out if the water is bad. Here are some common characteristics of contaminated or impure water:

– Odd taste
– Strange smell and
– Cloudiness



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