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Blood clots sideline Chris Bosh’s NBA career with Miami Heat

By Jason Hughes

“What would you do if you couldn’t do what you love?”

Chris Bosh pondered this question on his blog Friday, days after reports that the Miami Heat star’s ongoing battle with blood clots will derail his NBA comeback this season.

“Got the news. [I] was in disbelief for a couple of seconds and then I threw my phone down and stormed out the room,” Bosh said in his latest video blog on

Bosh’s was first diagnosed with blood clots and a pulmonary embolism after the All-Star break in 2015. What started out as Bosh feeling ill on vacation turned into a blood cot traveling from his leg to his lung, which landed him in the hospital.

He didn’t play another game for the rest of the season.

After making a recovery and returning to the court for the 2015-16 season, the Heat pulled Bosh out of the All-Star Game initially due to a calf strain. With more tests, Bosh learned the blood clotting had returned.

He was out for the rest of the season.

Bosh and his teammates expected him to make a full recovery for this upcoming season, but tests revealed more clotting prior to the start of training camp. Though his condition isn’t life-threatening, doctors say it is unsafe to play with this complication.

“The Miami Heat regret that it remains unable to clear Chris to return to basketball activities, and there is no timetable for his return,” the NBA team released in a statement.


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