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Black Trump cheerleader axed from CNN, cites race as reason

By Jay Scott Smith, The Grio

Paris Dennard, the Black Trump supporter best known for literally supporting everything the president has done since 2016, will not return to CNN.

“Paris Dennard’s contract with CNN has expired and he is no longer with the network,” a CNN spokesperson said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dennard was suspended from the network following an August 22 Washington Post story reported that Dennard had been fired from a previous job at Arizona State University for “making sexually explicit comments and gestures toward women.”.

Dennard claimed that he was the victim of “another politically motivated attempt to besmirch (his) character, and shame (him) into silence for my support of President Trump and the GOP.”

Dennard told Conservative site Breitbart on Monday that CNN’s could not substantiate the Post‘s claims. The network has said no such thing but he also suggested that his race played a role in not being brought back.

“But what was even more egregious than the Post‘s behavior was CNN’s blatantly disparate treatment of their only paid black, Republican, Trump-supporting political commentator — compared to a host of others who have never been immediately suspended and denied an opportunity to be booked on their network.”

Dennard’s invoking of race seems ironic considering his unwavering support of Trump’s numerous racist proposals and outburst.

He often went viral on social media due to his blind support on such things as Trump’s treatment of migrants and immigrants, his support of men with histories of sexual harassment, as well as his infamous comments deeming Haiti and African nations like Nigeria “sh*thole countries.”

Dennard’s exit comes a week after the more high-profile firing of commentator Mark Lamont Hill over his controversial comments during a United Nations symposium that elicited outrage from Black journalists and educators alike. Paris Dennard who famously attempted to disrespect April Ryan in support of Trump? Not so much.

“I will not be silenced, no matter what CNN, the Washington Post, or any other fake news story tries to imply through their own prejudiced actions,” Dennard wrote.

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