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Black residents flee Chicago as experts say chances for success diminish

By Nigel Roberts,

The Windy City isn’t providing the opportunities longtime Black residents need to succeed, so they’re leaving in droves, according to experts.

New census data revealed that Cook County’s Black population has declined for a seventh consecutive year, the Chicago Sun Times reported. And the trend is accelerating. Between 2016 and 2017, African-American residents left the county at a higher rate than before.

“People associate with being successful and having a higher quality of life in areas that exist outside of Chicago. Whether that be in the suburbs or in other cities,” said Darnell Shields, executive director of community organization Austin Coming Together.

Gentrification is one of the main forces behind the exodus. Cook County’s Black population diminished by 1.15 percent last year, representing a decline of more than 14,000 Black residents. Meanwhile, more than 16,000 new residents of diverse backgrounds have replaced them since 2010.


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