America is at a crossroads. One of the most important elections in the history of America is on the horizon, and you can see the smoke and fire from miles around. It has been exteriorized in antics around the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and the outcome of the November election will determine the course of American history for years to come. Democrat Hillary Clinton is opposing Republican Donald Trump, both allegedly the most unpopular candidates in the history of American elections, according to some pundits. A lot of people are circulating the meme that we are faced with the lesser of two evils in the voting booth.

Now, for those who think that the choice is really between the worse and “worser” candidates understand this: there is a BIG difference between what Hillary Clinton is offering versus what would happen under a Trump presidency. Listen carefully to what they are saying as opposed to the circulating memes. Trump focuses on hatred, division, bias, and Hillary Clinton focuses on diversity. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have worked together to meld their disparate visions and, in so doing, they have produced the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party, according to Bernie Sanders. These are big changes. And the message is clear: those who have ears to hear must be able to read between the lines.

African Americans, for the most part, are supporting Hillary Clinton. She does, however, have trust issues. Now, as a politician, she was not perfect, but who is? Politics is the law of compromise, which often gives the appearance of impropriety. The thing to remember, however, is that politicians respond to their supporters, and this is the lesson that the Bernie Sanders backers are showing. Because of his popular support, he has been able to influence the direction that the Democratic Party is taking. What this means is that any group that comes together in unity can wield power. Once upon a time, an elderly Black Grand Master of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order, said that the direction that society takes will be dependent upon what Black people do. If Black people are not able to see the very real differences and unite in order to wield power, there will be a lost opportunity.

It is disheartening to see how many people are not thinking for themselves. Unfortunately, if Bernie Sanders’ supporters, which he has requested, are not able to get behind Hillary and give their support to the Green Party instead or just sit on their hands at home in November, they will just about guarantee that one of the most dangerous candidates in the history of the United States will ascend to the presidency. Hillary Clinton is not talking about “Making America Great Again,” which for Black people does not bode well. To go back to the past would mean going back to Jim Crow, or even worse. Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, is not talking about prison reform, which at this time would have a mighty impact on the Black community in particular. Donald Trump, unlike Hillary Clinton, is NOT talking about free tuition to public colleges and universities for people in families that earn $125,000 or less, which would also greatly benefit Black people. Trump is talking about barring immigrants: it is very often the case, which we sometimes forget, that many immigrants are Black. Democrats are pushing for healthcare for all; Republicans are not. Hillary Clinton is on the right side of the issues; Donald Trump is focusing on a narrow swath of the public, and his policies might certainly negatively impact Black, Brown, and un-rich people. What is there about this that those who are planning to defect can’t see? Hopefully, Black people will fight the tendency to splinter based on circulating memes and vote for others because they can’t see the obvious differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump. If we do not unify behind the candidate that most supports our issues, we will only have ourselves to blame when the flit hits the shan! A luta continua.



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