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Black Oberlin alum seeks to create music scholarship in Austin bombing victim’s name

By Robin White Goode,

By now you’ve heard the heartbreaking news that Draylen Mason, a preternaturally gifted classically trained bass player, was killed by the Austin bomber who eventually also blew himself up. Now CNN has reported that another African American classically trained musician, Joshua Blue, has begun a petition to create a music scholarship at the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio, where Mason had been accepted and from which Blue graduated.

“[Draylen] would’ve gone on to be a mentor to the people that will come after him,” Blue told CNN.

As an African American classical musician, Blue says he understands the hurdles Mason had to leap over to succeed. He wants to make it possible for other people of color to pursue the musical arts, he is quoted as saying in the CNN piece, hence the scholarship effort.



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