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Black girl terrorized by white boys who held her down and cut off her ‘ugly’ locs at Christian school

By Kia Morgan Smith, The Grio

A young Black girl at a predominately white private school in Virginia was abused and suffered through a traumatic incident involving three white classmates who held her down and cut off her locs.

The family of Amari Allen are outraged that the 12-year-old girl was harassed, called “ugly” and told her hair was “nappy” by white boys enrolled at the Immanuel Christian School in Fairfax, Virginia.

“They said my hair was nappy and I was ugly,” Amari told News4.

During the horrifying ordeal, Amari said one boy held her hands behind her back, while the others clipped off her locs with scissors.

“They kept laughing and calling me names,” Amari told WUSA9. “They called me ‘ugly,’ [and] said I shouldn’t have been born.”

The girl, with tears in her eyes, said the boys ran along after the bell rang and left her lying on the ground.

There is no word about where teachers were during this terrifying event, which reportedly lasted about five minutes.

Amari is an honor student who earned straight-A’s and plays the violin. On Wednesday, Amari’s grandmother noticed her hair was shorter and asked her what happened.

“It’s very painful,” Cynthia Allen said. “I want to see them dismissed from the school. I want to see something done.”

The school as reportedly launched an investigation.

“We take seriously the emotional and physical well-being of all our students, and have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or abuse,” Head of School Stephen Danish said in a statement.

The family also reported the violent assault to Fairfax County Police and met with administrators on Thursday.

The school has been in the news for other discriminatory practices in the past due to their staunch anti-gay stance and the banning gay and transgender students. It also requires job applicants to pledge marriage is only between a man and woman, the outlet reports.

Mike Pence’s wife Karen also reportedly teaches art at the controversial Christian school twice a week.

This article originally appeared in The Grio.

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