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Black Diaspora: When Democracies Morph into Tyranny

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford

History shows that we, the children of Africa, have not had happiness or peace for most of our existence on this earth. There has been no other holocaust that has spanned over centuries like ours.  In fact, collectively we endure many holocausts depending on which geography we are talking about. During the transition of the massive African slave trade to the western hemisphere there was a holocaust that lasted over 500 years. European explorers landed in North America, South America and the Caribbean by the year 1500. Outright slavery started by 1525 with the first slave ship operated by Portugal and blessed by the Pope. We were injected into new areas that would be virtual prisons forcing suppression or merging of our cultures and biological integrities.

From that first launch began a trail of blood/rape and macabre behavior that was to last until the beginning of the 20th century. Hundreds of millions of children from Africa were sacrificed for the love of exploration/domination and cold-blooded currency. This was hell on earth and reparations will never be settled. Children of Africa remain on the lowest rung of the economic ladder regardless of where they live. Minnesota to Buenos Aires to Bahia to Berlin and everywhere else we, children of Africa will collectively be located on the lowest rung of the national economic ladder regardless of the venue.

Is this status destined to us forever? I don’t believe God intends this for us. But, first, we must realize that God will bless the children who have their own. Europe categorized us in a system of colonialism. They would destroy any semblance of geographical integrity we respected. They would merge tribes into bundles of chaotic values and traditions forced to co-exist as a single government with boundaries they drew up. Throughout our Motherland there has been a continual stream of conflict, wars, etc. that come to a boil whenever an African nation has a new election.

Our largest populated nation is Nigeria. This nation has endured dictatorships, coups and, currently terror groups like Boko Haram. When will there be peace in Nigeria, the land that lays claim to most of my personal bloodline? The second largest Black population is Brazil. African descendants make up most of this nation’s population (55%) but only account for less than 20% percent of the wealth. The poverty and hopelessness is immense and the violence and official corruption leveled at the African descendants is just plain hateful. This nation is majority Black and the elected official base is over 90% white. The system is rigged!

It is election time in Kenya, August 8, 2017. That means one thing. Blood is going to “flow.”  The Kikuyu’s, Luo’s and the other two dozen tribes will start their age-old rivalries and begin to riot, kidnap and torture political rivals. These are not subtle rituals or competitive events. Stay out of Kenya until this election is officially “settled.” The national official who oversees the election management process went missing until they recently found his tortured dead body.

Remember when peace came to Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe became the elected President. That was decades ago and guess what? This dictator is in his 90s in age and will not leave his “throne” until death and the next dictator will step up. Once known as the “Bread Basket of Africa” it is racked with a deplorable economy not being organized enough to adequately feed its own people.

It has been said that the Congo is the richest region in the world. Why is it one of the most violent, disorganized, impoverished and least governed nations in the world? Every multi-international crime organization is pillaging the precious metals lying in the ground of this region while its citizens suffer poverty, hunger and hopelessness. Where is the United Nations? Hardly noticeable. Beware of the UN troops in this area. They are mostly known as rapists and ogres.

We, people of African descent, inhabit more than a hundred nations in this world. Our diaspora may rival that of China. However, unlike the China diaspora that is rich in entrepreneurship, organization and self-made wealth, we are disorganized, and lacking in self-sufficiency. I pledge to my ancestors (now that I am finding out who they are) to do all I can to preach the need for Diaspora Fusion. Maybe one day it will gel and the “children of Mother Africa” can be structured into a viable and productive Diaspora ripe with networking, connections and a sense of cohesiveness like many other Diasporas.

We hold the Garden of Eden and the beginning of mankind. We should be further along in our evolution than what we are.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce ®. Website: Email: [email protected] 

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