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Black people in America are killing each other…and it’s not just with guns and knives! The murder rate in some American cities is so great that a new meme is circulating – that white men dressed up as Blacks are doing the killing. Actually, this is not really a new idea, and it just might be a feasible one. It is entirely possible that there are white people who hate Black people so much that they would take advantage of a very unhealthy situation among Blacks in order to get a few licks in. But the truth be told, there are so many instances of Black on Black violence that the idea that some whites may be dressing up to increase the mayhem is just a footnote.

Years ago, when the Civil Rights movement was in its heyday, there was a feeling of upliftment and hopeful optimism in the Black community. The notion of Black pride was on the ascendant, and the old-timers most likely were anticipating a sort of renaissance just around the corner. Well, that renaissance never happened, and instead, things got worse.

Actually, though, we are currently on the verge of a new revolution of sorts as evidenced by the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, but instead of the awakening that should accompany those brave individuals who are spearheading the new thrust, there are people, some of whom are Black, denigrating the people who started it. This movement largely grew out of a need to oppose the rampant killing of Black people by the police. Logic would tell us that something has to be done…but these killings are still happening and Black people are still responding in a predictable manner, by rioting! When will we learn that it will take a concerted effort on the part of Black people and their allies of other races to use America’s own presumed code of ethics in order to effect positive change? How can this ever happen when both negative whites AND negative Blacks are seemingly joining forces to tear down what is trying to be built up?

One of the more egregious cases of Black on Black violence is occurring right now, on the heels of what should be a positive affirmation of the value and genius of Black life. Gymnast Simone Biles has emerged as one of the top athletes of all time as evidenced by her performance in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil. Gabby Douglas has also stood out, but guess what??? Both of them have been criticized because of their hair, their “undone edges.” Douglas is also suffering additional criticism.  She has shown an almost superhuman skill as an athlete, but she is being criticized for not placing her hand over her heart during an Olympic ceremony. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump did the same thing, but the crescendo of criticism has not reached the point that it has for Douglas.

Basically, there is enough violence of all kinds perpetrated by Blacks in the community against other Blacks that no outside enemies are actually needed. Recently, a very popular Black celebrity said that he could not relate to the Civil Rights movement because he is “mixed.” He even went so far as to produce a photograph of his father to prove his point. Interestingly, his father looked very far from “white.” Another Black male celebrity has gone on record to say that he did not want to date a “Black B**ch! When is the last time that we’ve heard someone of another race say something that vile about their own women? This is embarrassing, but more importantly, it just represents another form of violence meted out by Blacks on Blacks! It is very frustrating and heartbreaking to see the way Black people are treated by white authorities. It is even more heartbreaking, however, to see how we are treating ourselves. It is as though we actually loathe our own kind, if common behavior can be seen as evidence. Black children are being slaughtered in the streets by seemingly non-repentant Black thugs, but when whites kill Blacks that seemingly has more weight. The Black community is faced with double jeopardy – from murderous thugs within the community and from murderous thugs wearing uniforms outside of the community. It is waaaay past time when these things must change; we are destroying ourselves while our enemies laugh enjoying the spectacle. A luta continua.




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