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Black Businesses Scream as CARES Act Attempts to Eliminate Affirmative Action

National Black Chamber of Commerce Organizes Black Businesses for Action

The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) finds it shocking that the Department of Labor of the Trump Administration has made a move to eliminate Affirmative Action – a movement with roots within the Republican Party from the CARES Act (Coronavirus, Aid, Relief and Economic Security). We must act now, join us Thursday, April 16 to hear our plan of action.

Dr. Arthur Fletcher is “rolling” in his grave as the Cares Act gives permission to eliminate the application of Affirmative Action – a process he introduced in 1972 under the Nixon Administration.

“This is a sucker punch!”  Says NBCC President/CEO Harry C. Alford, “The damage will be immense if we don’t act quickly. Our businesses will drop like flies. President Trump must step in and clarify this situation before the damage becomes too great,” says Alford.

Larry Ivory, Chairman of the NBCC and President of the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce states: “We have come too far to let this set-back stop our momentum.  President Trump needs to step in.”

“Through the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors they helped contribute to making America great! However, time and time again, our contributions and relevance to sustaining our country are forgotten. We need the Trump Administration and the United States Congress to remember that we matter, and respond to calls for inclusion in measures to improve the health and mortality of Blacks in America, as well as the equitable inclusion of authorized economic resources from our government immediately,” adds John Harmon, President of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey.

In order to be a part of the solution join us on our call Thursday April 16, 2020 at 5:00 pm EDT. Click here to register. Here are the call-in details: 1-408-418-9388 and access code: 790 100 800. Join the NBCC conference call as we detail the agenda to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. We will lift the incredible voices of black businesses across the country as we fight and speak truth to power for our resilient future.

About the National Black Chamber of Commerce

The National Black Chamber of Commerce® was incorporated in Washington, DC in March 1993. The National Black Chamber of Commerce® is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and via interaction with the Black Diaspora.

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