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Beware of the Anti-Black Democratic Holdovers

Beyond the Rhetoric

By Harry C. Alford

Nothing was more despicable than my experience with the corrupt Obama Administration and its evil actions at the Small Business Administration.  They made no effort to improve Black business performance.  When the press would inquire, they would simply say this outrageous lie, “We don’t keep those numbers.” How bad can it get when people representing Black business lie about their lack of concern and poor performance.  It became an invitation for anyone harboring Black animus (“Hit these coons because Obama doesn’t care himself”).

Just last month, the SBA Office of Advocacy demonstrated a perfect example of this Jim Crow style of spreading the news.  The Office, being run by a holdover named David Rostker, decided to put out important news about updating information on Regional Regulatory Reform and NAFTA. He wanted to alert a multitude of business organizations about some pertinent roundtables they would be hosting. There appears to be a strong effort to delete any Black individuals or organizations from the news. In essence, block all the Blacks from the info.  It was nothing but an old fashioned and literal “Black List.”  Here we are with a “Bull Conner” type of mentality running the Office of Advocacy.  This guy just isn’t a contrarian; he appears to be an evildoer. Why has he been put into a position that can bring harm to a race of people?  I guess you call it racism. Mr. Rostker needs to go, like yesterday!

This is the result of Senate Democrats holding down the process of upgrading positions with new Presidential appointees. We are stuck with “dead wood” and frustrated democratic holdovers. Like Mr. Rostker!  To quote our President: “Hundreds of good people, including very important ambassadors and judges are being blocked and/- or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate.  Many important positions in government are unfilled because of this obstruction. Worst in U.S. history!”

It is so ironic that we had to go through eight long years suffering through the worst SBA administrations in history. Now, we still wait as the evil slow down continues to allow “the inmates” to run the “asylum.”   It seems that the Congressional Black Caucus would have a concern here, or don’t they know?  I guess we need to adequately alert them.

But wait! Hope appears to be on the way.  Our candidate for replacement of the SBA Office of Advocacy, David C. Tryon, has just been cleared by the Senate Committee this past Wednesday, March 14.  The full vote will occur shortly and, if we are blessed, Mr. Tryon will step in and the “place holder” Rostker will let the “door” hit him in the appropriate place. According to Mr. Tryon, who the National Black Chamber of Commerce actively supported, “I will zealously advocate for veteran-owned, minority-owned and women-owned businesses.” God is great!

So now, let us make Mr. Tryon’s task as busy as it can be. May he and his staff do the work that is nearly 10 years overdue. Let the numbers concerning minorities, vets and women begin to grow as the Civil Rights Act meant.  May Mr. Tryon never spend one day that he doesn’t feel the full support of all minority business groups and get to know us personally – like family and fellow Americans.  May the last trick of the corrupt Obama Administration be done – gone and forever!

In his opening statement Chairman Jim Risch (R-ID) noted that filling this role is an important priority for small businesses as having a Chief Counsel in place would provide “clear direction on regulatory reform.”

According to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE) “Tryon, an Ohio resident, brings both legal and small business experience to the position. He has represented small businesses in his law firm, has helped to run a small farm and is surrounded by family members who are small business owners.  In his testimony and dialog with committee members, he pledged to work closely with the small business community on a range of issues and to be accessible and inclusive if confirmed by the Senate.”

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: Email: [email protected].

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