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Bevel Offers Free Mental Health Services To The Black Community

The men’s grooming brand is providing crucial health resources to Black men and women in need.

By Shalwah Evans, ESSENCE

Bevel, the grooming brand specializing in products tailored for the textured hair and melanin-rich skin of Black men, will be providing free mental health services to several people in the Black community. The brand is offering complimentary 30-day passes to premium programs from Headspace, an app that provides guided meditations to help improve focus, temper anxiety, relieve stress and more.

“We recognize that during these turbulent times, Black women and men are under an enormous amount of stress due to COVID-19 and the decades-long fight against systemic racism, police brutality, and inequality,” Walker & Company’s Vice President Tia Cummings tells ESSENCE.

“And we also know that Black women and men don’t always take the time to focus on their own mental health. That’s why we’re providing free, 30-day memberships to Headspace Plus; so our community can more easily access helpful tools and tips for managing stress and anxiety in a healthy way,” she continued.

Black people across the country also often go without necessary mental health services due to a lack of health care and resources. And in many instances where health care is available, mental health services come with out-of-pocket costs.

So Bevel’s initiative will be crucial in helping a lot of people just clear their head space. Simply talking about caring for our mental health also opens up a necessary dialogue in the Black community that has, for a long time, held a stigma with it. It creates a safe space where men and women (and children) can feel okay telling their friends, family and colleagues that they’re not okay and that they need help.

To redeem, visit, create a login online, download the app, and start using Headspace. The offer is valid in the United States only, through June 29.

This article originally appeared in ESSENCE.

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