Bears hold end of season press conference

CHICAGO BEARS CHAIRMAN George McCaskey and President and CEO Ted Phillips, held the organization's end of the season press conference on Wednesday, January 13th. (Photo credit

By Joseph Phillips, Crusader Sports Editor

The Chicago Bears held their end of the season press conference on Wednesday, January 13, at Halas Hall. Bears chairman George McCaskey and president and CEO Ted Phillips spoke to the media during the press conference.

“I’m particularly grateful for Ted’s steady hand when the team faced adversity this past season and as he and I went through the end of season evaluation process,” said McCaskey via ZOOM.

“We had vigorous discussions over the course of several weeks. Those conversations, as well as regular meetings with Ryan [Pace] and Matt [Nagy], including this week, have been candid and constructive and have culminated in the decisions we’re sharing with you today.”

According to McCaskey, Pace and Nagy will remain with the team in spite of an 8-8 season. McCaskey believes both Pace and Nagy are men of character and are both, like CEO Ted Phillips, “outstanding leaders.”

“I’ve been most impressed with how well they collaborate, said McCaskey. “I was impressed with both of them this past season, especially during the six-game losing streak. The fact that our players never gave up is a tribute to the players. It is also indicative of the type of players that Ryan acquires and to the players’ regard for Matt as their head coach.”

McCaskey believes that Nagy, Pace, and Phillips all want what’s best for the Bears. McCaskey said there were no egos amongst the group and the four have no hidden agendas amongst them.

“There are no other agendas,” said McCaskey about himself and his staff. “Have mistakes been made? Yes. But I think both Ryan and Matt are learning and growing in their roles.”

In addition to growth in leadership roles and non-hidden agendas within the organization, McCaskey stated he also understands Bears fans frustration across the board, and has taken a collaborative leadership approach throughout the season.

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