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The midterm elections have come and gone and we had the greatest midterm turnout in American history; more than 100 MILLION people showed up and showed out to vote. One of the most important outcomes was taking back control of the House of Representatives. Moreover, a record number of women were elected to office and an incredibly diverse array of individuals, including many firsts, were elected to serve.

There remains a stubborn group, however, who are convinced that voting is ineffective. Depending upon how you look at it, they were patently disproved during the elections. Though the Democrats fell somewhat short of a “blue wave” that was anticipated, enough people voted to change the course of American politics. Key people are now in control of committees that can really make a difference when it comes to activities related to the well-being of the common people. So it can be said that voting did make a difference.

There were a couple of distinct disappointments, however. The Senate is still controlled by President Trump’s Republican allies. Also, a lot of people were convinced that America would have an African America governor in Florida. Andrew Gillum came very close, but conceded, some think prematurely. As it turns out, a recount is going to happen, since the number of votes has inched up enough to justify one. On the bright side in Florida, felons, who previous to now have not been able to vote, have gained that right. This is major; individuals who have paid their debt to society deserve to vote. They are citizens.

The situation in Georgia is another story. Allegations of voter suppression have been rampant. Stacey Abrams, who was poised to become the first Black American female governor in America, is currently behind in votes. She refuses to concede, because, at press time, a number of votes have not yet been counted. She thinks that every voice should be heard, and we agree with her, especially since it is obvious that voter suppression was in full effect. We will continue to watch this race with great interest, and we are proud that this qualified African American woman is standing her ground refusing to be bullied.

Now, it must be said that though voting is important, it is not the only path to liberation. It is a key element, but there are other avenues that must be tread. For example, what good is it to have the right people in office and not hold them accountable? There are also other issues that will especially impact the Black community. In addition to fighting white supremacy, Blacks are subjected to societal-induced self-hatred. In this regard, while activists have focused on seeking change in the halls of power, another group has been working in opposition to that movement by saturating the airwaves with vulgar music and mindless gossip blogs that focus on banal trivia. So, as the opportunities rise for inclusion, fewer people are ready to take positions that can help lead the Black community in a positive direction. There are a few bright lights at the end of the tunnel, however. Certain young wealthy African Americans have decided to help bankroll political contests. This is commendable, and it would be wonderful if it set off a trend that catches on around the country.

Finally, it is obvious that America is saturated in a blanket of evil that threatens to shred the very fabric of American society. And truthfully, the evil crosses racial boundaries, because as white supremacy increases, so does the Black backlash. There is a group of African Americans who are so disaffected that they cannot ever see themselves forging alliances with whites of any stripe. This is unfortunate. As the election of Barack Obama, Harold Washington, and others have shown, it takes a coalition of people in order to succeed. Obama could never have won the office of president without having whites and others in his corner. These are dark days in America, but that does not mean that we can’t control the direction that we ultimately take. There is good and bad on both sides, and though this may sound Pollyannaish, there’s no getting around the fact that we all play a part in the destiny of this nation. The key is to choose the right side if we don’t want to go down with the ship! A Luta Continua.

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