Award-winning Irish actress and writer Amy Huberman reprises acclaimed role as online lifestyle video personality in Series 2 of highly-rated, irreverent dramedy “Finding Joy”


Start off the New Year on a light note with the return of the Acorn TV original irreverent comedy “Finding Joy,” starring award-winning Irish personality Amy Huberman (“Striking Out” and “The Clinic”). Encouraged by her stint as an internet sensation, the thirtysomething lifestyle vlogger Joy Morris (Huberman) establishes her own video channel and continues to try new things outside of her comfort zone to help achieve happiness and fulfillment. She hopes to make it big as an online influencer, but attracting subscribers and sponsors is harder than it seems.

Series 1 found Joy reeling from a painful breakup of a long-term relationship, but her fortunes reversed when she became an internet sensation covering for a happiness vlogger. Encouraged by her unexpected success, Joy feels that going back to her former life of spell-checking and grammar at News Today doesn’t hold much appeal, so she decides to go it alone and set up her own online vlogging channel.

Based out of a slightly-too-small co-working space with just four desks, Joy’s new team is completed by Stan and new hire named Emer. 

Joy 2.0 is more confident than she used to be, but a new set of challenges provided by her channel and her personal life test her and teach her a valuable lesson about being there not only for herself, but for other people as well. We see Joy go back to her roots, revisiting some faces from her teen years, become one with nature in the countryside, explore motherhood, reconnect with fun cousin Maeve, learn a bit about betrayal and forgiveness, and maybe get a bit closer to finding Joy.

Joy is a joy to behold in that she does offer a respite from other drama packed programs on other streaming sites, as well as a relief from the worries that many folks are struggling with throughout the globe. To see her go through a drive through restaurant and order enough food for a baseball team—just for her—is hilarious in an episode where she also haggles over whether Dr. Phil or George Clooney are real doctors. The former because the word doctor is in his name; the latter because he once played a doctor on television.

Series 2 includes a bonus episode, with the cast and crew discussing how the story came to life.

Delightful and often ribald screwball comedy”—

“Charmer… Huberman has warm, almost effortless likeability in spades”Independent

“Finding Joy” premiered on Acorn TV on Monday, January 11, with all six streaming episodes—perfect for a binge. 

Take a look at the trailer:

You can try out the streaming service, which offers hard to find content from Britain and beyond, for free for seven days; thereafter it’s $5.99 a month. Visit

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