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At Last – COVID-19 Vaccines are Rolling Along

Beyond the Rhetoric

In the beginning of this calendar year the penetration of the COVID-19 vaccines was looking rather doubtful. The pace was slow and the penetration was not at all perfect.  But somehow and some way, the determination of former President Donald Trump has made it a total success.

Early in the year 2021 things were not falling in line with the touts of President 45. Our children seemed to get their shots quickly but the elderly lines of people like Kay and I were on the waiting list and things were starting to become doubtful.

The state of Virginia was really causing worries. One of our friends who is slightly younger than us had to drive over 500 miles to get his vaccines, while our destiny for vaccines was becoming doubtful. Then, in early April things started to roll.


While our two sons got their first vaccines with no trouble, I was falling into the age of 73 and started looking like a bad statistic – at risk!

Then came April and things started to “pop.” On the same day, Kay and I got our first vaccine with lightning speed. We are now assured that our second shots will be ready on April 22. Quite a change of pace and this spring is starting to fit in nicely. The “Warp Speed” President Trump was talking about is starting to take true form.

There were periods of worry however. Stories like that of the great boxer Marvin Hagler who received his inoculation and praised the event only to be pronounced dead the following day. Shocking! Those “bumps” in the road are becoming less and less and everyone who is involved with administering the task of inoculation is smiling and walking with proud strides. Soon, families will be aligned with three generations simultaneously and happiness appears to be set in our future.

Family affairs are truly becoming happy moments and occasions to look forward to. There should be no more debate as to who gets the credit. Let us all join in and enjoy these new Good Times.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder and president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Ms. DeBow is the co-founder and executive vice president of the Chamber. halford-  [email protected].






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