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There is a saying attributed to an ancient personage named Hermes Trismegistus, which paraphrased is “As Above, So Below.” It has been taken to mean that there is a continuum between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and that what happens on one level has its counterpart on the other. This is what seems to be happening in America wherein the alleged lies of President Donald Trump are moderately contested.

The same thing is happening on the local level where the police shoot and kill unarmed Black men.

President Trump has backed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of meddling in America’s election and took the words of the KGB over his own CIA. This has been called disgraceful, and some are even saying that his behavior borders on “treason.” Among many in the Republican Party, however, he seems to have become a “Teflon Don.”

At press time, a majority of his backers refuse to condemn him for the very questionable anti-American behavior that occurred during a meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Monday, July 16 only days after special investigator Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russians for meddling in America’s elections.

Trump continues to be a subject of investigation regarding possible collusion with the Russians. This extreme behavior by a U.S. president is unprecedented, and Americans should be shocked and disgusted by the fact that he has allegedly compromised this nation’s welfare in order to support a foreign power (and possibly to protect himself).

The placing of a known enemy above America’s security represents the beginning of a new world order driven by Trump and Putin. It is incredible that the leader of our country seems to be more concerned about protecting an enemy than about the welfare of this country. What’s more important, however, is that there are many people in the Republican Party who seem actually afraid to confront him, although a few of them are beginning to grow somewhat shaky backbones by making statements in opposition to his behavior.

Trump, though, is functioning like a bully, which is a very scary scenario for America. We are in new territory, with a leader who seems to love the idea of dictatorship.

It is said that the leader of a business or a country sets the tone for everything else that happens among the rank and file. It has even been said that an “alcoholic” CEO will have such an impact on his subordinates that the agency demonstrates collective “alcoholic-like” behavior. Today, President Trump’s behavior is trickling down to American cities. Trump’s “in-your-face” lies seem to be a model for the emergence of all types of bigotry, which includes local police force personnel, some who are killing unarmed Black men with seemingly great relish, and are lying about it.

Recently in Chicago, a popular Black barber was shot and killed by the police because he “was exhibiting characteristics of an armed person.”  There is a lot of confusion around what actually happened, and witnesses gave conflicting reports. The barber, who was said to be leaving work, was shot in the back multiple times while running away. The police officer who murdered him was then swiftly taken away for protection when an angry mob formed.

It is very “Trump-like” for some people to accept what the police say about these matters. After all, a number of policemen have escaped serious consequences even in the face of obvious damning evidence.

These are unprecedented times. This dangerous behavior by a dictator “wannabe” points to a very dismal future for this country if people don’t stand up and face him. Moreover, it will be incredibly important for American citizens to go to the polls and vote in order to change the tenor of what’s happening in America.

Actually, at the rate that things are going, some conspiracy theorists say there is a danger of something happening that would allow the president to suspend elections in response to an event that will let him implement martial law, for example. That is a nightmare scenario, though a plausible one, in light of the tone that Trump’s behavior is setting.

We are moving in a direction of behavior that has no conscience and no boundaries. To offset this ominous trend, vote like your life depends upon it, because it does! A Luta Continua.


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