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Artists create images of hope and unity to replace boarded up store fronts

“Paint the City” project creating free murals for business owners

Artist Barrett Keithley is working to replace images of desolation and destruction with images of hope and unity. Keithley enlisted over 75 artists to paint murals on nearly 15 boarded up buildings over the last week. He and his partner Missy Perkins conceived the “Paint the City” project to help the city move forward as peaceful protests, ignited by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, sparked looting across Chicago. Their stated mission is to create inspiring works of art that support equality and show that Black Lives Matter. Keithley and his group of artists have painted 10 buildings so far, mostly on the south and west side. They anticipate doubling that this week.

“Paint the City” is our way of helping our city heal,” said Keithley, a self-taught artist who grew up on Chicago’s South Side. “We want to help restore our community, and transforming boarded up buildings into an art gallery of sorts is one way to do that.”

Mural 1Once a business contacts the team, member artists meet with them to decide what they’d like on the building. It could be something of the owners choosing or they can give the artists license to create. Keithley says most people are just looking for something uplifting. Most importantly, these are local artists contributing to their local community. And residents are supporting their effort by dropping off food and refreshments to the artists while they work.

Keithley says the long-term goal of “Paint the City” is to create equal opportunities and resources for Black people within the art community and to support local businesses. Turning outdoor spaces into galleries, he says, is one way the arts community can rebound post COVID-19.

The service is free to business owners who may contact Missy Perkins via email at [email protected]. There is also a GoFundMe campaign “Paint the City” to cover the costs of supplies and provide artists’ stipend. The goal of the campaign is $10K; to date they have raised just under $2K.

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