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Apparently nothing can separate white evangelicals from their leader

You would think that after an insurrection at the nation’s Capitol, all freedom-loving Americans would unite as one. Instead, there is heightening division and threats of more violence and rage.

Six people are dead as a result of the uprising. MAGA thugs, anti-Semites, racists and white nationalists threatened the life of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence.

The pillage left ransacked offices, broken doors and windows, stolen computers and vandalism throughout the revered edifice considered a pillar of democracy.

The common denominator of this horde of domestic terrorists is two-fold. First, they possess relentless faith in the incumbent, and secondly they express a fervent belief in the lie that the election was stolen.

Despite widely-expressed outrage across the nation in the aftermath, there is one segment of the population with more undying loyalty to the president than all his Congressional sycophants.

The group that won’t raise a whisper of rebuke is his faithful so-called “evangelicals.”

Conservative Pastor Franklin Graham—son of legendary Evangelist Billy Graham—said he watched the disturbing images after the attack on “the people’s house with concern, anger and sadness.”

Graham said he was sickened over the unthinkable sedition and was disappointed that the president took so little responsibility, but guess what? Through it all, he and preachers like him stand by their man.

“I don’t think it was the president’s finest hour,” Graham meekly conceded, but added that he doesn’t expect the tumult in D.C. to cost 45 support among fellow clergy.

Even though ‘the Donald’s’ social media brought the angry throngs to Washington in protest, Graham said, “I don’t think he had any understanding in that moment of what was going to happen.”

In the last presidential election, 76 percent of so-called evangelicals voted for the GOP loser in exchange for ultra-conservative federal judge appointments to oppose civil rights, immigration, abortion, and LGBQT causes.

They ignore his health care assault, environmental abandonment, failed foreign policy, tax breaks for the wealthy, children locked in cages, racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and an unending stream of lies.

For four years, these so-called evangelicals created an echo chamber to reiterate every claim of political persecution uttered of their ideology poster boy, blaming media and liberals for any of his shortcomings.

White evangelicals worship at the altar of the current Resident of the United States. None of the recent turmoil has dissuaded their commitment. After the deadly Capitol riots, they deflect blame away from Trump and denounce a second impeachment.

Robert Jeffries, senior pastor of the 14,000-member First Baptist Church of Dallas, said he has “absolutely no regrets” over his “enthusiastic support” of Trump claiming he neither called for or condoned the chaos.

For many evangelicals, the role of 45 in the insurrection is being minimized because they see him not as an elected official, but a leader anointed by God. They believe “God wanted him to be president.”

Talk about yielding to an alternate reality, they kneel to his every whim; no confession, repentance or contrition is required. They side with this evil without equivocation.

So it is painfully clear that when it comes to this narcissistic, ungodly and dangerous hypocrite in the White House, these misguided religious sycophants don’t have a prayer.

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