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An Unconventional One-Day Art Exhibit Comes to Chicago’s South Loop

On December 2, 2017, from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. at the workVAULT, located at 1420 South Michigan Avenue, five artists from around the city will collectively show at an unconventional one-day art exhibit. workVAULT, owned by former Chicago Bear, Israel Idonije, will turn into a one-day art gallery, a mission of Idonije since the work/event space opened in 2014.

“Showcasing and elevating the voice of artists will always be a part of the workVAULT vision and culture. The South Loop is rapidly growing and we are excited to bring unique experiences to this incredible neighborhood. To date, we have held events showcasing talented musicians, poets, actors and more as well as house several creatives and entrepreneurs. I’m so thrilled to open our doors to artists who have something to say and continue our mission of connecting our community, ” says Idonije.

pARTy is created and produced by Jason Prinzo and Micaeh Johnson. Both self-taught artists, residing in Chicago, with an appreciation for local artists like Francine Turk, Jeff Zimmermann and Tubs, the two decided to collaborate and create pARTy, a casual celebration to appreciate artists quarterly.The Inaugural pARTy event will be curated by artist and NYCH gallery owner, P. Scott, with artists Jeff Zimmermann, Jason Prinzo, Micaeh Johnson and Dwelone.

Zimmermann, a native of Chicago, has achieved national and international recognition for his large scale murals featuring painted images of contemporary pop culture and sensitively rendered portraits. Zimmermann was elated when he found a platform to show his pieces, “Gold,” “Weed,” and “Meat.” The collection will debut at pARTy.

For pARTy, Prinzo brings to life and art his perspective on the complexities of human relationships from environmental elements and experiences; cityscapes, people, music, socialization, and love are all themes threaded through his mixed medium pieces. Prinzo’s pieces are current yet timeless, provocative yet harmonious. Prinzo will show to the public for the first time on December 2.

Phillip Scott Sinclair also known as P. Scott takes art and entrepreneurship to another level as an artist himself as well as owner of NYCH Gallery in Chicago’s Pilsen art district. A man constantly seeking a canvas for his artistic expression, with multi- talents in the arts such as visual art, graphic, fashion, and sculptural design, Scott considers himself a Visual Art Designer. Scott brings his curator experience and artistic voice to the show on December 2nd. In addition to showing, Scott will be curating pARTy.

The final artist showing, Micaeh Johnson is collaborating with three different artists for the December 2nd show, including Scott and Prinzo. All of the artists selected to collaborate have voices that have sustained their relevancy for years and others for decades. They have taken a frame from Micaeh and interpreted what it means to them and what emotions were evoked, taking a past moment and giving it depth, color, dimension and another story to consider. She hopes her pieces at pARTy, will continue the mission of what she believes art to be, humans being ambassadors of life through creating, collaborating and sharing.

To RSVP or more info on the show, email [email protected] or visit,

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