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America’s Heroes Group – Legally Speaking with Steve

On February 23, Vietnam veteran and radio talk show personality Cliff Kelley, who is the host of America’s Heroes Group introduced the America’s Heroes Group advisory board member and Attorney Steve Seidman. Together the two announced the inaugural show, “Legally Speaking with Steve” which began that day and will air monthly.

After Kelley formally introduced Seidman, who is not only a very successfully trial lawyer, he is also the founder of Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, in downtown Chicago. In the words of Kelley, “Steve is an excellent and successful attorney with integrity.”

Seidman spoke highly of the military population for their sacrifice, dedication and service to this county and how “they should not be wanting for any services.” He further stated, “As citizens we owe them and they shouldn’t be lacking for any services.”

The United States Armed Forces, veterans and communities tuning into the show will have the opportunity to get a clearer understanding of the law as Cliff, Steve and possibly special guests discuss various topics that also effect the general population.

Seidman then talked about his career and his law firm.

Because of his experience and reputation, Attorney Seidman is frequently chosen as an independent arbitrator in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases. He is admitted to practice in all courts in Illinois, including the U.S. District Court Northern District of Illinois and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.

Steve Seidman is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, the American Association for Justice, the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association and the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. He is also a member of the Leading Lawyers Network, has authored a chapter on workers’ compensation and is a frequent lecturer on the topic.

At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP, the attorneys are passionate about getting real results for seriously injured people and their families. They are thorough in their preparation and unwavering in their pursuit of the maximum appropriate compensation that will address a client’s damages. Backed by the kind of client service that is the hallmark of a boutique firm, they have the experience and record to take on a personal injury, workers’ compensation or medical malpractice case.

SEIDMAN MARGULIS & FARMAN, LLP founder, Steven J. Seidman (center) is pictured with his two partners. Ryan A. Margulis, (left) and Melanie K. Fairman (right).

Seidman’s personal injury and workers’ compensation practice is built on a culture of success and experience. Seidman has been working to help men, women and children in personal injury cases for nearly 30 years. Over the course of his career, he has obtained numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, both through litigation and negotiation.

A visit to Seidman’s website under “Verdict and Settlement” reveals the amount of some of their cases has ranged from $225,00 for a hip fracture of an 84-year-old improperly monitored for fall risk to a $25.6 million gross verdict with a net verdict of $23,050,000 in the case of a truck driver being run over by a co-employee. The verdict was against the land-owner for improper traffic control.

According to Seidman’s website, rather than taking a quick settlement, they go the extra mile to make sure a client’s compensation reflects the hardships and losses they have suffered. Since a client has only one chance to get the money they deserve for their injuries. It is vital the attorney has the experience and ability to get results. At Seidman Margulis & Fairman, LLP  attorneys have the training and approach for these types of cases:

They are equipped for all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including cases arising from motor vehicle accidents, safety hazards, dog bites, defective products, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

They are familiar with the special legal issues regarding injuries to children, whether caused by the negligence of day care or medical providers or by hazardous toys or household products.

They have a successful record with work-related injuries — through workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits against third parties — on behalf of construction workers, railroad employees and others injured on the job.

When it comes to vehicle accidents, there are many types of car accidents—from rear-end and T-bone  crashes to head-on collisions. Seidman makes sure clients receive a full compensation by doing a thorough investigation. Why? Because sometimes an accident is not the fault of a distracted driver, but instead is the result of a product defect such as a blown tire, defective seat belt or a poorly constructed road. There may be two or more parties who contributed to the accident you suffered. Whatever the case, Seidman’s firm will find the answers—they are experienced at handling complex vehicle accident cases.

The firm also counsels and represents native Spanish speakers on all areas of workers’ compensation and  personal injury. The staff includes fluent Spanish speakers at all levels.

Despite many people needing to consult with an attorney, they are sometimes challenged by not wanting to take off work. At Seidman’s law firm they will meet with clients during normal business hours or evenings and weekends as needed. If a prospective client is unable to come to their law firm, they may be able to consult with them over the phone or meet with them when it is more convenient.


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