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All hands-on deck for Georgia special election

Defying GOP and media predictions that there would be a “red wave” victory for the Republicans and what they viewed as the president’s poor ratings, Biden’s Democrats have pulled off a midterm election coup, according to attorney Barbara Arnwine, founder and president of the Transformative Justice Coalition. Former Vice President Pence reluctantly admitted it was a “ripple red wave.”

Arnwine said what happened on November 8 was that the people spoke. They rejected the GOP MAGA candidates who pushed Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

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From left to right: Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock


Even though the votes are still coming in, Arnwine said she will partner with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and several organizations in Georgia and throughout the nation to help get the vote out for the December 6 special election between Senator Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker, a Black Republican.

“We need all hands-on deck,” Arnwine said, vowing to do what she did in Georgia’s 2021 special election, to partner with groups throughout the nation to get the vote out.

“This is something that is not new to us,” Arnwine said during an interview on Sunday, November 13, on WVON’s “ON THE CASE” talk show. “We’ve been here before, and we won.”

While her organization is non-partisan, Arnwine said,

“The one thing we believe in that we’re totally partisan about is Democracy.

“I think what we saw on Tuesday was an outpouring of the American public that we will not tolerate any kind of move toward fascism, authoritarianism, and it was a rejection of the racist undercurrent in some of the messaging that was going around in the country.”

Arnwine said the electorate’s vote showed that they “did not want a kind of backwards movement when it comes to trying to achieve a multiracial democracy.”  She gave credit for the blue wave to the African Americans especially the youth who, she said, “made a huge difference.”

Arnwine also gave credit to the young women who voted pro-choice.

“Going into this election, people were talking about this red wave. I said it would be close, tight, but not a red wave. It shows you again that polls don’t vote.

“People vote and people had a whole lot to say on Tuesday, and they made it clear they want a real democracy,” said Arnwine. She said her faith in the voters never wavered.

The results of anti-MAGA voters slowly came in. Democrat Katie Hobbs, won Arizona’s governor’s race, defeating Republican Kari Lake who ran pushing Trump’s 2020 election lie.

The Democrats have retained the Senate. However, the Republicans have a House majority.

The Democrats have retained the Senate with 50 seats giving Vice President Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote; however, they failed to clinch the 218 they needed to control the House. Republicans won the House 219 to the Democrats 212 which could lead to numerous GOP investigations including that of Biden’s son, Hunter, and stalled tactics of Biden’s domestic agenda.

With a Senate victory, this will enable Biden to get his judicial nominees approved. Arnwine said as the vote totals trickle in across the nation, she said it became proof that voters rejected Trump’s 2020 lie.

That is why Arnwine is calling for “all hands-on deck” for the Georgia special election on December 6th to help add to the Democrats slim margin of victory in the Senate.

She is still upset that Georgia election officials reducing the time for early voting to five days, and she is furious that Georgia’s new laws could criminalize churches for giving water to thirsty voters waiting in line, and sanction non-profits that help Georgians learn how to legally vote by mail. The new law also allows anyone to challenge an unlimited number of voters without evidence.

 “We need all hands-on deck,” Arnwine echoed.

She will be calling on Chicago civil rights organizations and groups to send postcards to Georgia voters reminding them that there will be a special election showdown on December 6 and to make phone calls to help get the vote out on that day.

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