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Albertson’s cashier shames woman for using WIC benefits to buy food

By Ashleigh Attwell,

A black mom at an Albertsons grocery store in Gresham, Oregon, did not have enough money to pay her bill after using her WIC benefits, so Jackie Carroll offered to pay the $12 difference.

But, her generosity was interrupted by a cashier with an agenda.

“[I] said, ‘I will pay,’ and she said, ‘No!’ Very abruptly,” Carroll said to KATU. “Literally, she raised her voice and said, ‘No, you don’t need to do that.'”

Carroll, who is white, pressed the issue, but the cashier stood firm, citing the woman’s use of government benefits.

“I go, ‘Well I don’t mind, just let her have her stuff,'” Carroll continued. “‘No! You’re not going to do that. She has WIC. She gets her free stuff.'”



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