AG Curtis Hill misses on defense of Breonna Taylor decision

Attorney General Curtis Hill

By Patrick Forrest

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill defended his fellow Black Republican prosecutor when he wrote an Op-Ed for Fox News defending Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s handling of the Breonna Taylor case.

The message was targeted as activists have ridiculed Cameron following his announcement that only one of three officers would be charged and that the alleged offense was not directly connected to Taylor’s death.

“Quite simply, Cameron properly defended the deliberations of a grand jury that considered the circumstances of a police action that so unfortunately ended in Breonna Taylor’s death,” Attorney General Hill writes. “Judging from the protests, however, many Black Lives Matter activists would have preferred that Cameron blindly pursue vengeance against police officers involved in the incident, regardless of whether they broke laws or not.”

Hill did directly address criticism of Cameron, which came from Black Lives Matter Co-founder Alicia Garza in an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid where she compared Cameron’s statements on the case to speeches made by white supremacist Bull Connor.

“I think what I saw this morning was a Bull Connor speech in 2020,” Garza told MSNBC’s Joy Reid. “Unfortunately, it was being given by a Black prosecutor.”

Hill argued that the criticism goes too far and that the race of the prosecutor should not change how the law is applied, falling back on how Cameron presented the facts and the decision that was reached.

“Having police officers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, jurors and others from a diverse array of racial and experiential backgrounds helps us as a society overcome intrinsic biases that otherwise could taint the process,” wrote Hill. “But we must strive to ensure that the facts and evidence always drive findings of guilt or innocence — or of whether there is a legal basis to file criminal charges in the first place.”

Following the release of the Fox News Op-Ed, a member of the grand jury requested that any and all recordings, transcripts, and reports of the grand jury relating to the case be made available to the public.

Ben Crump and two of the other attorneys representing the Taylor family said the grand juror’s assertion supports their claim that Cameron “clearly failed to present a comprehensive case that supported justice for Breonna.”

“We fully support the call to release the entire proceeding transcript as the only way to know what evidence was presented and how the grand jury instructions led to this outcome,” the attorneys said in a statement.

Cameron has since revealed that he never recommended homicide charges against any of the police officers conducting the drug raid that led to Breonna Taylor’s death.

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