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Activist Demetrius “D Nash” Nash announces his walk to Washington campaign

By David Denson, Gary Crusader

Political and community activist Demetrius Nash passed through Gary, Indiana recently after embarking on his ‘Walk To Washington D.C.’ campaign.

On Aug. 4, 2017, Nash set out on his 30-day walking journey from Chicago to the White House. Gaining inspiration from the book “Long Walk to Freedom,” written by Nelson Mandela, the activist is taking all social issues to the U.S. Capitol. Earlier this year, Nash launched “Replace Guns With Hammers,” a communitywide initiative targeting young mean ages 18-24 to create job opportunities through construction by rehabbing buildings in their neighborhoods.

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CHICAGO’S COMMUNITY ACTIVIST Demetrius Nash began a campaign to raise awareness of the injustices that plague Chicago by walking to Washington, D.C. Above Nash is photographed in a prayer circle at one of his first stops, Allen Chapel CME Church in Gary, Ind. on August 10.

According to Nash, Replace Guns With Hammers will reduce gun violence by truly replacing the gun in the hands of these young men with a construction hammer. With a passion to promote the initiative, he plans on bringing awareness to the lack of resources such as; a shortage of after school programs, community centers and the continuous rise in gun violence in the city, as well as the underprivileged communities across the country.

On this walk, he plans to visit different cities to connect with local residents, community activists, and religious leaders to hear their issues and be their voice in delivering a message to the White House. He explains “I’m walking to allow our children to have a safe environment to play. I’m walking so our grandparents can be safe in their old age so they can sit on their porch and enjoy their days. I’m walking for the love of God, family, friends, and all of the poor communities throughout America that are suffering.”

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DEMETRIUS NASH KNEELS in prayer at the Allen Chapel CME Church.

Although at one point in his life Nash was part of the problem, he now feels obligated to be part of the solution in rebuilding and elevating the quality of life for poor communities throughout the country starting with Chicago.

The Southside native and father of two discovered that he had an obligation to contribute to lowering gun violence in the city of Chicago. After being incarcerated for eight years, Nash had a civil duty to his community. In the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting, Nash began his work as an activist to shed light on the injustice that is harming the city of Chicago. Through numerous protests and countless community outreach, his mission is to support underprivileged community and ensure that he continues to protect the lives of others.

Nash is seeking support from all communities to donate funds and other resources. If interested in contributing to the “Walk To Washington D.C.” campaign, email Demetrius Nash at [email protected] for further details. As he documents his walk to Washington D.C., he can be followed on Instagram: @dnash425.

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