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Abrams Confirms That She Will Run Again

By Kia Morgan-Smith, NNPA Newswire

After stating last week that she was simply considering all options as to whether to run for a political seat, Stacey Abrams has finally confirmed that she will, Fortune reports.

Abrams, who ran unsuccessfully for the Governor’s seat in Georgia, plans to keep the fight going and previously said she’d likely run

for Governor in 2022, once again against her once Republican opponent Brian Kemp.

During Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA Abrams threw down the gauntlet definitively saying that she will run again and then quipped to the captive audience: “Now, if you could all move to Georgia…”

She may have lost the battle to become Georgia’s first Black woman governor, but still, she cited that there were wins. She said her 2018 campaign was “extraordinarily successful.”

Abrams made it clear that she thought that there were a number of questionable issues that likely kept her from the governor’s office, like voter suppression so she is filing a federal lawsuit that alleges “gross mismanagement” of the election and the state’s voting system.

Abrams fought until the very end on the Governor’s race because “What happened was not just. That anyone had their vote tarnished or restricted or narrowed is wrong.”

This article originally appeared in The Florida Star.

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