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Abortion rights win in Illinois, voters re-elected Pritzker/Stratton plus other pro-choice champions

Abortion rights

Rochford Winning Illinois Supreme Court Seat Ensures Abortion Access

Planned Parenthood Illinois Action-endorsed candidates JB Pritzker, Juliana Stratton, Kwame Raoul, Michael Frerichs, Susana Mendoza, Alexi Giannoulias, and key general assembly members including Nabeela Syed, IL House (D-51), Maura Hirschauer, IL House (D-49) and Mary Edly-Allen, IL Senate (D-31) won their elections. Planned Parenthood Action Fund-endorsed Nikki Budzinski won her seat in the new 13th Congressional district. Equally important, Elizabeth Rochford won her seat on the Illinois Supreme Court, ensuring abortion will remain safe and legal in Illinois. Tonight’s victories mean abortion access in Illinois has champions who will protect patients and providers as well as work to expand care so it is equitable for all. As this election proved, voters want elected officials who are bold champions for abortion access. Pritzker, Raoul, Giannoulias, and many other victors put abortion rights at the forefront of their campaigns, talking about their commitment to protecting abortion access on the campaign trail, running ads focused on reproductive freedom, and standing up for our rights on the debate stage.

“Tonight, Illinois voters made their voices heard loud and clear – having access to essential health care like abortion is important and needs to be protected. Up and down the ballot, voters re-elected pro-choice champions including Governor JB Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Treasurer Michael Frerichs, and Comptroller Susana Mendoza, and elected Alexi Giannoulias. By electing both Elizabeth Rochford to the Illinois Supreme Court, Illinois voters ensured our fundamental rights will be recognized and protected now and for future generations. This is a clear sign that Illinoisans want to make their own decisions about their bodies and will vote out any politicians hellbent on taking our freedoms and controlling our lives. We are the majority. We showed up and showed out, and we are ready to get to work with the Pritzker Administration  and the Illinois General Assembly to protect our rights.”

Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA) supporters worked around the clock to elect reproductive health care champions. This included a robust volunteer postcard writing campaign to almost 7,000 targeted voters and extensive phone and text banking reaching over 28,000 supporters. PPIA also urged supports to take action by pledging to vote, numerous eblasts, 5 direct mail pieces that reached over 90,000 households and digital GOTV ads in Spanish and English that reached over 120,000 impressions. PPIA PAC contributed to direct mail campaigns that went to almost 103,000 households and in over 800,000 digital advertisements. PPIA IE PAC invested in a robust Chicago broadcast, cable and digital advertising campaign around the Illinois State Supreme Court, which also included a direct mail ballot chase program to ensure that every vote is counted in the election.

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