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A Spanish photographer selects powerful images made by an American photographer on Chicago’s South Side

By Kenneth Dickerman,

The next installment of In Sight’s series “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS” pairs NOOR photographers Sebastian Liste and Jon Lowenstein. In this installment, Spanish photographer Liste has made selections from American photographer Lowenstein’s extensive body of work documenting the plight of people living on Chicago’s South Side. Lowenstein isn’t parachuting in for this work — he actually lives in the neighborhood and has dedicated his life to documenting it. Here’s what Liste has to say about his colleague’s work:

“Jon’s work moves you deeply into the lives of those who are part of the forgotten America. those who have been living generation after generation under an oppressive system. [He shows us] The ones who, after centuries of democracy, are still fighting for basic human rights. During his photographic process, he immersed himself into the life of fragmented communities to give them a chance to scream to the world through his art.”


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