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What qualities do Americans, and especially Black Americans, want to see in a United States President? It appears that a lot of people don’t have a clue about how to select elected officials, especially presidents. Due to the schism between Democrats and Republicans, it appears that the brains of a large segment of citizens are apparently fried. Logic has gone out of the window.

Why is this important to understand? The upcoming 2024 presidential race has the potential of drastically changing America. Fascism has literally been promised.

This issue has been exacerbated by the dumbing down of America. The truth of the matter is that democracy cannot work effectively if people are not astute enough to make informed decisions. And this situation is not just pertinent to one party, but to both of them.

Chiefly, people have been subjected to a form of mind control. They have been conditioned to think in ways often at odds with their own well-being. And they are oblivious to this fact.

It seems to work this way: many Democrats have been turned away from President Biden because of malicious propaganda that paints a false picture of the president and his accomplishments. They think there is no difference between the presidential candidates of the two parties.

For the most part, Biden has made all the right moves and has fought for causes that would benefit the Black community, among others. Moreover, Biden is governing with a clean record; he has not been accused of mistreating women by grabbing them by their private parts, nor has he been impeached, and he is not facing multiple criminal charges. This does not make a difference to Trump supporters.

On the other hand, Republicans have impeded student loan forgiveness, affirmative action, thwarted women’s bodily autonomy, have banned books and curricula; promoted gun violence, hated the LGBQIA community, don’t care about wage stagnation, don’t care if people can’t afford health care or can’t afford rent or a house. They blatantly care only about taking care of their donors through tax credits.

Moreover, Trump recently came out as a full-blown advocate of authoritarianism. He is clearly planning to change America from a country that is at least striving to be democratic to one wherein our rights will eventually become non-existent. The dumbing down of America has resulted in a population that has no real sense of history, American or otherwise. The MAGA population, for example, seems to have no clue as to what authoritarianism entails. They think Trump will make America great again.

Trump, who is at least two digits ahead of his nearest presidential contender, comes across as a winner; he has been able to stack the Supreme Court and exhibits an incredible sense of power that has resulted in a type of “Midas Touch” that manifests as a type of political gold.

What other former president can you name who has been impeached not once, but twice, and maintains a vice-like grip on the Republican Party? This is something new in American history.

What is certain is that Democrats, especially Blacks, must not let themselves be bamboozled into voting against Biden or whomever the Democratic candidate in the next election turns out to be.

Biden has receipts. Notable accomplishments include: unemployment rate dropped to 54-year low; ordered government agencies to address racial inequality; awarded $800 million for road improvements; awarded $11 million for cancer screening disparities; and 100,000 Green jobs were added since the IRA Law passed. Biden also granted $35 million to the Cradle to Career Program in high-needs communities.

Ultimately, we must recognize the very real differences between the new “Teflon Don,” i.e., Donald J. Trump, and President Biden.

The term “Teflon Don” is the name given John Gotti, a crime boss, because criminal charges against him never stuck. We must muster up all the energy and votes at our disposal to ensure that Trump’s “Teflon” does not hold up, thus denying him another four-year term as president.

We must ensure the preservation of democracy. As for African Americans, the chief issue will be that of overcoming a tendency to imbibe propaganda that will result in voting against someone who clearly does not have our best interests at heart. In the case of this “Teflon” Don, the Black vote can help neutralize this effect! A Luta Continua.

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