A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking


By Effie Rolfe, Chicago Crusader

Lord help me to see what I already have…. we’ve all done it before looked for something for hours or days only to realize it was already there. Just as I can recall countless times that I’ve looked for what I lost, there are almost just as many occasions when I was looking and discovered what I already had. Recently, I was about to throw out a piece of mail from my bank. At the last minute, I decided to open the envelope to find a check for over $1000. What a pleasant surprise! To think my blessing was minutes from being thrown in the trash by me—but God. In the back of my mind was my sister’s voice “Always look through your mail—you never know what’s in it.” Thank you Mary.

Also, I remember shopping online as well as in various stores in search of a water filter for my home only to discover months later that I already had one. When I opened the refrigerator door, immediately on the side panel was a much needed water filter. Another incident that may seem trivial but caused me great appreciation was the ability to raise my window blinds. For 2 years, the blinds in my bedroom appeared to be stuck until one day I accidentally pulled them off track. While attempting to roll them back up, although backwards, they lifted perfectly. As I aforementioned, there are many more ‘everyday miracles’ that I could share.

We already possess the ability right now to make the most of each moment.

Lord, please help me to see what I already have. Yes, its good to desire more of what you don’t have, but it’s better to be grateful for what you do have. I share this because, recently, I was riding downtown and glanced across to what I hope to be my future dream home. Just thinking about living there gave me these feelings of joy and happiness. Just as quickly, it occurred to me, that living in that beautiful home could not give me lasting joy and happiness. Why, because it’s not about things. Happiness is a temporary state of mind. Once you get what you think you want, you start looking for something else (Proverbs 30:15-16). Man’s quest for things is never ending. Our search should point to the cross, because you can only find true joy and peace in the Lord (Psalm 28:7). External or material things can never bring joy or peace. Happiness is temporary but real joy is lasting. You can never be completely satisfied looking outside of yourself but in God there is fullness of joy, peace and contentment.

Just as we look frantically for what we feel we have lost. If we would slow down, we could clearly see what you have is what you need. And everything you had, have and will have comes from the Lord. As you continue on the journey of having the eyes of your understanding enlightened (Ephesians 1:18), keep in mind that He has so much more for eyes to see, ears to hear and for hearts to imagine (1 Cor 2:9). While you pray that He opens your eyes to see what you already have, also trust that your eyes will stay on Him.

Can you see what you already have…?

© Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her on twitter.com/- effiedrolfe Listen to her show daily on urbanpraiseradio.org (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station)

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