A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking


By Effie Rolfe, Chicago Crusader

Think Him for the Insignificant Things—the things we so often take for granted. Yes, I said ‘think Him’ because as an older lady once said ‘every time I thank on the Lord—I think Him.’ This may sound grammatically incorrect but it is indeed a powerful truth. The phrase ‘every time I thank on the Lord—I think Him’ is a classic example of how your thoughts and your praise are inevitably interwoven. It is imperative that we are grateful each day. Thank God for everything—because nothing is insignificant!! Think about all of the blessings you have been given. What can you do—what do you have—who are the people in your  life? Whatever, however, whenever or wherever it is—God did it and it’s imperative not to forget.

The scripture reminds us in Psalm 103:2 to ‘Praise the Lord…and forget not all his benefits.’ When you think of what God has done, it’s difficult not to have tears of joy and sheer gratitude. The quickest way to forget is when you fail to be grateful for what has been signed, sealed and delivered to your doorstep. The bottom line is nothing is insignificant. I can’t iterate enough that everything that you have and all that you are is because God has blessed and allowed it to be so—period. Yes, you have education but he gave you the brains, connection, finances and will to go. You received favor and promotion on the job because of his grace. Home, family, health, joy, peace and determination—it’s all in the category of blessings. Everything that concerns you is significant because it’s the sum total of you.

Human nature dictates that we tend to overlook or take for granted those things that we have become comfortable with. Why? Familiarity breeds contempt. In other words, when we become familiar with certain things or people, we often take it or them for granted. We pray for a job and in less than one year—we complain about the work or the boss. You knew he was the one. After three years of marriage—everything that was so right has now become so wrong. That new car and house was the answer to your prayer—now you rarely have time to clean it. Likewise with a ton of other blessings—what was once a treasure is now being treated as a step above trash.

So my point—don’t’ stop thinking about God’s goodness. When I think about the Lord—I thank Him. Not only is it a constant reminder of how abundantly blessed you are. But also, thinking about ‘everything’ God has bestowed upon you is cause to pause for an automatic praise break. Remember nothing is insignificant—big or small—it’s all-good because it’s all God.

Have you thanked God for the ‘insignificant things’in your life…?

What’s the value of your life…?

©Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her at effierolfe.com or on twitter.com/effiedrolfe. Listen to her show on urbanpraiseradio.org (2015 Stellar Award Internet Station of the Year).


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