A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking


What’s that noise…? Listen. I believe that our Heavenly Father is always speaking to us. But far too often, we fail to recognize the sound of His voice. We have a million reasons not to engage in an intimate and personal relationship. I’ve been guilty many times over. Thankfully, our heavenly Father longs to spend time with you and me. He knows exactly how to get your undivided attention. God speaks through Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Fires. Tsunami. And even a whisper of a still small voice. We may not have the time or even the desire to hear, but He still speaks.

Recently, a tornado touched down in the Dallas area the day after Christmas. Several suburbs were hit, especially the cities of Garland and Rowlette. Unfortunately, there were eleven fatalities, as well as both my brother Henry and sister Sandra’s homes were totally demolished. I wanted to share this because minutes before the tornado hit my brother had just finished repairing the water pump and was about to leave Sandra’s house and head home. Meanwhile, she went to the window and said, “What’s that noise—it sounds like a train.” Then Henry walked to the door, looked outside and said “‘Maybe I will wait.” Immediately after he closed the windows and began to shut the door, they recalled glass flying everywhere. He told Sandra “Get on the floor!’ she fell down, started crying and they both began to pray. Upon hearing the news, tears filled my eyes as I realized life is so uncertain and things can happen so quickly. Later, when I finally spoke with Henry, he mentioned that probably had he not waited chances are he might have died in the thick of the tornado.

God knows how to get your attention. More importantly, you really have to listen. Whether it’s your gut feeling, strong hunch or ‘something told me’–take a pause for the cause. It can save your life. Have you ever noticed how quiet the city becomes during a storm? The quickest way to hear a pin drop is during a thunder and lightening storm. I remember experiencing thunderstorms growing up in Arkansas. Immediately, we were told to turn all electrical appliances off, sit down in a corner and away from the windows and doors. This must have been a cultural thing, because as an adult, I have found that many African Americans were taught the same thing. A few years ago, I recall a terrible storm in the Chicago area. There was severe thunder and lighting. As the storm progressed, I posted on my Facebook page “Ok, God I hear you—it’s time to turn off the computer.” Interestingly, before I could turn off my computer and unplug it—I got nearly 200 likes. People began responding with their own traditions such as cover the mirror—because it draws lightening, turn off all the lights, sit in the hallway, be still and countless others.

How nice if we would listen to that still small voice in quiet times rather than just being quiet during the storms of life. God has so much wisdom and revelations to share concerning our future. We must be willing to hear Him. As we embrace a new year, it’s time to be quiet for a minute. Stop, look and listen.

Listen…what do you hear…?

©Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Per- sonality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her at effie- rolfe.com or on twitter.com/effie- drolfe. Listen to her show on urbanpraiseradio.org (2015 Stellar Award Internet Station of the Year).

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