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A Moment to Super Size Your Thinking

By Effie Rolfe, Chicago Crusader

Throw your stones. Recently, Kathie Lee Gifford gave a beautiful tribute to her husband, Frank, after his transition. She spoke of their travels to Israel and seeing where David threw the stone to slay Goliath. Kathy emphasized that whenever people would visit their home, her husband would walk past his trophies from sports and broadcasting and give guests and grandchildren those stones that he collected during his trip to Israel. His mission was to remind and encourage people that the significance was not David retrieving the stone from his victim’s head to merely boast a victory. However, it was all about trusting in the true and living God so much that you are willing to move in faith towards the impossible, knowing that ‘…with God all things are possible.’ (Matt 19:26).

1toomstomeTo throw your stone is to use the gift and talents that God has given to you. It’s not about your ability, being the best at what you do. But it’s your availability in allowing God to show His best through you.

Pastor John Hannah shared the story of Kathy Lee and reminded us that unless you throw your stone and bless the world with your gift, when you die you will only have a headstone. God wants someone who is willing to be used to give Him the glory. Often those whom society deem as lacking in experience, intelligence, looks, education and so on—are the ones that God uses to confound the wise. Otherwise, one could easily brag on your own connections, education and what you did or had.

When you have little to work with, then God takes little and it becomes much when placed in the Master’s hand. People can then see that He added His super to your natural and that has made all the difference

For clarity’s sake, to throw your stone is to use the gift that God has given you to catapult you to greatness and victorious living. Pastor Hannah reminded us that life is more than going to work, wearing red bottoms, beautiful wardrobes and living large and in charge. It’s about making a mark in the world. We must make a profound impact on the people who touch us as well as bring change within the places where we live.

We’ve often mentioned the importance of using the gifts and talents that God has so richly bestowed. These gifts were specifically distributed for the unique purpose and intent to be a blessing to the world, rather than selfish reasons or just to allow you the comforts of life. Life is about making an impact and a marked difference in your world, your community, job, industry, state and ultimately the world. You are the light of the world. When you shine, people can see the greatness and bigness of God working in and through you.

Get up and pick up your stone. Establish your goals and throw your stones in the direction of your destiny. You may need more than one stone—David had five but only needed one. Perhaps, you may not be sure of what God wants you to do…choose the five talents or gifts that come easy for you. Are you good at speaking, are you persuasive, have you been blessed with good looks, do you write well, can you organize or maybe you’re creative?

Choose your top talents and then narrow it down to one. Begin to perfect it until you are good enough, until you can throw  your stone to victory of making a change for the better to impact the world. Not only will your life be remembered, your legacy will be remembered by the lives that you helped to make a profound impact.

Will you take a step of faith and throw your stone…?

Effie Rolfe is an Author of “Supersize Your Thinking,” Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. You can contact her or on Listen to her show daily (10a to 1p) on  (2015 Stellar Award Winner for Best Internet Radio Station)

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