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A Gospel Healing Celebration: On their Day Of Service St. Sabina’s Church Choirs Sing for Cook County Jail Residents

On Saturday, July 31st, at 11:00 a.m. at La Villita Park, 2800 South Sacramento, Women’s All Points Bulletin (WAPB) will be proud to present St. Sabina’s Youth Choir, SELAH, and their adult choir, the LEVITES, as they sing to bring hope to those stuck in Cook County Jail.

In Memoriam to Sandra Bland and Nicholas Lee, the third person to die of Covid 19 in Cook County Jail, the Choirs will try to be heard over the walls and into buildings to bring the message to hold on.

“Shock of confinement takes many lives in jail, especially women, and if one person holds on because they hear a message in the music, that would be worth every penny.” Producer Crista Noël of Azucar Negra a WAPB Joint says. 

“We’re just blessed that St Sabina picked our Gospel Outreach to sing for, it’s going to be beautiful, especially in these trying times.”

Sam Williams and Jacinta Warnie will  be leading St Sabina’s Choirs’ ministry. Sam suggested singing on their Day Of Service and Jacinta happily joined in the mission.

Sandra Bland’s Angel Day was last July 13th and Nicholas Lee died in April. Cassandra Greer was too distraught on the anniversary of his death to celebrate his life in April, but is now ready to hear the uplifting voices of the St. Sabina Choirs.

Says Sam Williams “It will be a blessed day. Amen” 

A Gospel Healing Celebration

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