Why does crime exist, and what should be done about it? Lately, a lot of discussion is centered on a spate of carjackings carried out by African Americans, many of them youths. In the past we have made all types of excuses for this kind of behavior, but the fact is crime has a deleterious impact on the Black community, no matter what excuse is given.

The truth of the matter, though, is that there does exist larger causes for crime. If the leaders of a society who are theoretically supposed to be the best and brightest were doing their job with due diligence, many of society’s ills would not exist!

What happens more often than not is that a group of people bond together to protect their own best interests at the expense of those who are more vulnerable than others.

Basically, humanity appears to self-select into at least two groups. In the United States, these groups are either Republican or Democrat. Of course, there are other modes of self-selection, but the main groups are those two.

A person who is not an objective thinker will tend to hold the opinion that these groups are the same, but closer scrutiny reveals something different. Above the groups, there are those who control the machinations of each.

At the very apex of society are those who control the lion’s share of all resources. They are usually unseen, but most of the blame for what happens in the lower rungs of society can arguably be caused by those invisible masters of society and captains of industry who structure society in such a way that those at the bottom are left to parasitize themselves. This is one of the major causes of crime.

In particular, in a capitalist society everyone has the deep-seated idea that they will at some point be able to replace those at the bottom and achieve some modicum of financial success. Truth be told, there is some accuracy in this notion; the law of averages dictates that some will succeed. But it also guarantees that there will be a sizable number of people who will not be able to make the cut, and therein lies one of the main sources of crime in poor communities.

Those who control the resources ensure that they will be scarce, which leaves few very real avenues available to those at the bottom. Poor schools ensure that students will drop out and those who do will have very little access to success of a legitimate stripe. They end up preying on each other. They end up taking precious resources from each other while those at the top continue to benefit from the dysfunction at the bottom.

Now, getting a little more specific, the two modes of control at the top have characteristic methods of operation.

Those who are classified among the “Democrats” tend to be more liberal with the distribution of scarce resources. There appears to be more opportunities for success with a broader trickle-down process. The disenfranchised appear to have greater opportunities from this segment of the political spectrum.

On the other hand, the uber rich tend to be concentrated among those who call themselves “Republicans” in Western society; the wealthiest individuals tend to belong to this group.

For example, currently the wealthiest individuals that most are aware of belong to the “right” segment of society. There is a contest of sorts between who will emerge as the richest person on the planet, and both of them arguably come from the right of the financial center.

The wealth that these individuals have makes the petty crime in poor communities seem like really, really petty crime. Most likely, those who are carjacking are totally unaware of those at the top and behind the scenes who are controlling the flow of resources.

Actually, the foregoing is basically a simplistic viewpoint of how society is structured. Those who are really the masters of people and captains of industry have names that are unknown. But it is certain that the lion’s share of planetary resources is controlled by a few individuals and groups.

There is a remedy for this situation: if those at the “bottom” of society would realize the strength that exists in unity, they could pool their resources, which would afford them leverage to compete at greater levels than currently exist. If enough people would realize this, the community could take a proverbial bite out of crime, and thus enhance the level of existence in the Black community. A Luta Continua.

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  1. This is a poorly thought out article. It is so shallow and it displays the simplistic thought process of the liberal mind. It is the naivety of people like this that lead to the socialist society we are heading to.

  2. Robby Ryan is SO correct … this “analysis” is the most simplistic and poorly thought out one I’ve seen in a long time. It misses 2 vital points: vast wealth exists among those who identify as liberal and Democrats (Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Bezos, John Kerry, etc), and it fails to account for individual responsibility – which is all but absent from identity politics and liberal thought.

  3. On numerous occasions The Crusader has written about personal responsibility issues connected with crime in the Black community. This editorial, as the title suggests, presents a “deeper dive” into the issue. Of course there are ” liberal Democrats” who number among the super rich. This article is not about them, it is basically about those hidden figures, the captains of industry who are unnamed and unknown, who control what happens on the planet from behind the scenes.
    Actually, the 14th paragraph admits that this is a simplistic take on things, but to do the topic justice would require a book, not a brief editorial.
    The bottom line and main message is that there are those who benefit from poverty and crime that we don’t see or know. It goes far beyond what we call “liberals” and “conservatives.” On the more “visible” levels those who identify as “liberal Democrats” tend to pay more attention to the needs of those at the bottom than Republicans, who have seemed to become the face of white supremacy. The playing field has never been level for poor Blacks, and in a society as dynamic as ours, more could be done to help remedy the situation, but clearly the WILL to do this does not exist, or is squashed by those who don’t want to see parity emerge.


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