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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following column is a gossip column. We ask that items contained herein be judged by individuals that read it as such and not as documented facts gathered by the news-gathering personnel of this publication.

As folks continue to self-quarantine, at least they are supposed to, it is undoubtedly putting a strain on relationships. On the romantic side, having to be cooped up in the house all day and every day is causing a lot of folks to seriously question their commitment to their significant other. On the familial side, parents are beginning to realize that, yes, their kids are as bad as folks say they are. Now that the schools are closed students are asked to continue with their assignments from home, and parents are encouraged to help with the kids’ homework. In many cases this can prove to be quite embarrassing as the kids begin to realize that when it comes to certain subjects, their parents don’t know as much as they might have expected.

This thing has also affected church attendance as pastors are being asked to abide by the social distancing mandate. Leading up to Easter it became somewhat difficult for some pastors to tow the line. One prominent pastor was urging parishioners to send letters to the president, governor and the mayor calling on them to let the churches be open for Easter Sunday worship. Apparently, the plea fell on deaf ears, because days before the holy day the governor sent out a reminder to folks to stay home and worship. Saying Jesus ain’t in here no more and neither will you be if you fail to stay at home. Meantime, it wasn’t difficult to notice that among those chomping at the bit to get in the church for Easter service were also the ones missing in action when it came to providing aid and comfort during this crisis. That’s what J.C. was all about, or did you forget?



City of Gary’s Health Commissioner Roland Walker, now in his second tour of duty as the city’s top health official has had a rough go of it lately. Not long after being sworn in for a second term, Walker found himself in the middle of the worst health crisis ever in the history of the city. If that wasn’t enough, later the dude tested positive for the corona virus along with both parents. Despite facing a job-like situation, he seems to manage to be holding it together. That doesn’t appear to be the case for a whole bunch of folks around town as news and rumors regarding the virus abound. In fact, after Walker announced that he had tested positive for the virus, a rumor began circling that he had died. It is not uncommon for rumors like that to surface in this situation, and as always it is best to ignore them. No doubt Walker and other health officials could do an even better job if they just had better cooperation on the state and federal levels.



On Tuesday, Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden. During all that’s happening around the country, regarding the pandemic the announcement seemed rather anticlimactic. But be that as it may be, and given the fact that Bernie Sanders announced that he is supporting Biden, what else was Obama going to do. Now that, that’s settled hopefully there will be an election this November so this nightmare called Trump can end.



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