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By Ima Gontellit, Chicago Crusader 


Is a DINO move underfoot to disrupt the gubernatorial campaign of J.B. “I Eats Good” Prtizker? You bet there be and, nah we ain’t talkin’ about brontosaurus, though some of these people who be involved in this thang is just as old. We hear these “Democrats in Name Only” have made a bold move to “undermine” and “throw” the billionaire Democrat, who some say won’t “cut a big enough deal” for de “Black vote.” So, in addition to a huge push to get people to “split they vote” for some weird white man from Downstate and other write-in candidates that might make it on the ballot, they is saying these people will openly promote voter suppression—though they gone call it “vote your conscious.” We hear some well-heeled Negros are behind this double cross, and dat they “might pull back if” the portly billionaire “plays ball before the end of August.” Why the end of August—who knows. Well if you suddenly see some mixed messages in the ‘hood about who to actually vote for in November—remember you heard it here, first.



CUL Shari Runner Headshot1 e1530544122395
Shari Runner

People are wondering what is really going on with the Chicago Urban League after its board allegedly refused to renew the contract of popular CEO Shari E. Runner. While de high profile, light skin leader was pictured as positive in the news about her “decision to leave” we hear folks close to her are hoppin’ mad and trying to figure out where they gone get their next meal ticket. Runner’s leadership helped drive home to people once and for all—-the Urban League ain’t for po’ folk, it just uses them to get grants. After turning over the controls of the coveted organization to Cheryl Jackson, before her fake, we mean failed, run for U.S. Senate, forced her to step down, the League has become more and more like a corporate pig pen whose people claim “diversity” while refusing to hire Negroes, unless they “clean themselves up to the white man’s liking.”

Linda Johnson Rice
Linda Johnson Rice

Runner is very popular and has been often mistaken for Linda Johnson Rice, the heir to Ebony and Jet magazines who as soon as her daddy died ran off and sold her birth- right. However, Ms. Shari is extremely smart and quite thoughtful, before doing the outright bidding of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and those with the big bucks. Still, Runner will be missed in her shoulderless gowns at the Urban League million dollar dinner, but her impact of “bringing in cash” won’t be forgotten.

To be fair, Runner did appear to speak out on police accidentally on purpose shooting Black folk in the back and she did appear to care about youth. What folks near to the Urban League are trying to figure out is why her contract was not renewed at a time when the demand for the League’s sell out skills are at an all time high.



Looks like the President of the teachers union has finally called it quits some eight years after telling anybody who would listen, including the white press, that she never wanted the “job in the first place,” and “she never thought she’d win.” The staunch Rahm ally was successful at “conning people into thinking she was militant” and “getting two bad teachers union contracts” said one, disgruntled Negro educator who claims she was fired from her public school job as soon as she hit age 50. The angry wig-wearing lady sent a typo-laced written message around to somebody who sent it to somebody who sent it this way and it said (in part), “I don’t wish no illness on nobody, but it’s been time for that (curse word) to go since she sold us out with SB7. She didn’t control the union no way. I’m not surprised everybody will sing her praises—she did the bidding of these racist school board leaders, and the mayor. They ain’t gone talk about how 90 percent of the layoffs under her watch were Black teachers. They ain’t gone talk about her giving up our bargaining rights. They ain’t gonna delve into the finances and what the Union did with the money it got from selling our gold coast building. She’s stepping down from what? She ain’t been at work full-time in three years—from what I heard she only show up to the House when people are raising the questions.” The message went on to use derogatory terms to describe the current leadership and encouraged a members only movement of some kind. We don’t understand union babble, but from what we can glean, the union president may be getting out of the way just before you know what hits the fan—’because it looks like a lot of them Black teachers show ain’t happy and with a lot of fake candidates in the mayor’s race, looks like they will be back trying to get a deal from De Tiny Emperor—without their beloved leader.



Is the wife of a local minister caught up in some kind of pyramid-type scheme? Well that’s what one big mouth who hails from Memphis, is running around the city yappin’ about. They claim this petite little lady has people buying “opportunity” and the only way they can “make money is if they have other people buy the opportunity.” While details were vague on the grapevine, we are sure this has nothing to do with a first lady and local politician who were already called out for supporting a multi-level marketing scam. The big mouth is saying no, this is “another first lady” who probably don’t know any better because she “didn’t graduate from high school.”



Is it true that two coalition people have brokered a “contract” with the Obama Presidential Community Center Library Social Service Museum Human Rights Agency non-profit that is set to be built in Jackson Park? Well snitches are saying a duo who were out there marching around and asking for reparations from President Obama  and ‘em have settled their differences and will now be “a part of the team.” This could be just a rumor, so keep your eyes peeled.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is published as political satire, street gossip and humor, and therefore should not be considered as fact but rather as matter of opinion. None of the items therein are collected by the news gathering staff of the Crusader Newspaper Group. Items forwarded to The Chatterbox are kept confidential unless otherwise requested by the author in writing. For submissions please forward to: [email protected]. Original photography and artwork are permitted. Thank you for reading!

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