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7 Things Women Do After the Military for Self-Dependency Part 1

By Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty, President & CEO, SHE VET, iNC.

Creating a strategic plan is so essential; it required me to split the topic into two parts. So, be sure to follow up next week for the remainder of the content.

Experiencing a change in any community can have various effects on one’s desire to fit into the future society. Especially when it’s a new culture (i.e., college, workforce, living with parents, marriage, etc.).

However, becoming self-dependent after leaving the military community can have its challenges and often appears to be a more significant obstacle that is difficult to adapt.

Although you may have been a part of the force for as little as four years, it can seem like a lifetime. If you’re willing, becoming self-dependent can be done. I’ve put together some ideas to help you get started. With little preparation, lots of research, and action, you can be on the path of independence in no time. Here are a few tips that can guide you.

  1. Have a vision and a plan for your future.

Too often, military personnel neglect looking further than their present situation or planning for “what’s next” after their term of service is over. Let’s face it, it’s pretty darn comfortable not having to think about what needs to happen tomorrow. Most of the time, it’s a no brainer, because it’s the same routine.

By investigating your next venture, you create a synergy that causes excitement instead of fear. Having awareness is the best way to eliminate stress. So, consider the career and lifestyle you desire to transition to. Set it as a priority. If you’re still not sure, that’s the perfect reason to find the next option.

  1. Get to know yourself.

The best way to know what you want in life is to know yourself. Somewhere along our journey, we set our personality aside so that we could follow the mission, live the good-life provided for us, or take care of our family. There’s one thing we forgot to do. Backtrack.

Begin using your intuition and trust yourself. Women have the unique ability to be guided by our intuition. When acknowledged, it can guide us to success with ease and grace.  Consider incorporating it with the skills you’ve learned, your wildest desires, and design your next venture. The more you become intuitive, the more opportunities will appear. Life is limitless outside of the armed forces. You have to know what you want.

  1. Decide what you want and find examples of others doing it.

You’ve heard it before, “There’s nothing new under the sun!” The very thing you’re imagining has happened before (well, close to it anyway). All you have to do is add your twist to it.

Do your research and make it personal. Eliminate the excuse “I don’t know” from your vocabulary. That very saying can hold you back more than you can imagine. With so much information available on the internet, excuses are void.

Become creative with your research by asking others (i.e., friends, mentors, and experts) how they were able to achieve that very thing? After you obtain enough information, you’ll feel comfortable enough to venture into that specialty.

With SHE VET iNSPIRES, we’ve taken it a step farther. You’ll now have access to the mastery notes for every session to help you implement similar processes our guest has taken. It’s time to be in motion. Visit and download your copy of this week’s mastery notes.

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Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty

Sistah Soldier is an inspirational activist who helps veterans, women, and minorities step into the call of God for their lives. She’s the CEO, host, and executive producer of the SHE VET ™ television show, and the executive recruiter for SHE WORKS Digital ™.

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