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20th Ward candidate Jennifer Maddox sets the record straight!

Candidate for Alderman in the 20th Ward, Jennifer Maddox released the following statement on Monday, February 27, 2023:

This past weekend, a text message went out to residents in the 20th Ward regarding candidate Jennifer Maddox being a supporter of Donald Trump. This is just another false attack on my name and character. Maddox stands for equality, equity and values that Trump is known to be against.

For the second time in four years, the Chicago Crusader has endorsed my candidacy for alderman of the 20th Ward. I’m proud of this achievement and so should my supporters who have worked hard to help me earn this honor.

Throughout this election, my opponent has been constantly lying and spreading false information to voters in my face at the polling place. My opponent has also tried to intimidate volunteers that are supporting my candidacy.

My work in the 20th Ward speaks for itself from serving on the front line as a police officer to starting a not for profit to support a blighted low housing complex. My organization has been vetted by CNN, Beachbody, L’Oréal, and the Chicago Defender to name a few for the work that we have done to support youth, parents, and seniors around education, workforce development, housing, food, employment and mentorship.

These lies are baseless and serve no purpose but to deflect attention away from the real issues and smear my good name. But voters in the 20th ward are smart and see through this smokescreen.”

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