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1K Phew & Lecrae Release “MOVE” New Single/Video from their ‘No Church In A While Album’

1K Phew and Lecrae released their third single and video, “MOVE,” from their new collaborative album, “No Church In A While.” The album features 10 tracks including: “Wildin,” “Ready Or Not,” “Move,” “One Call,” “What We Gon Do,” “Amen,” “Blockhead,” “Born Sinner” “Save Us,” and “No Church In A While.” The latest song “Move,” is a fan favorite track from the album!!! The video, directed by Jerrell Green and Caleb Seales, was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and finds 1K Phew and Lecrae recreating the drill sergeant scene inspired by the 1995 film, “Major Payne,” starring Damon Wayans and Karyn Parsons. 1K Phew whipping the Unashamed Army into shape and Lecrae puts them through the drills! Watch the “MOVE” video below. “No Church In A While” is available for streaming now! Search here to listen: Lecrae, 1K Phew – No Church In A While (

About 1K Phew

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, IK Phew grew up with two praying parents who encouraged him. He had it better than some of his peers, yet he still found himself going down a destructive path as a teen. “It wasn’t until I almost got shot one day that I decided to truly surrender my life to God and His plan. Every time I tried to do things my way, it didn’t work out for me. That incident was a turning point for me.1K Phew’s name comes from “being 1000 percent real and authentic, no matter what,” he shares. They say keep it 100, but we keep it 1000. The older heads who I used to hang with in the ‘A’, called us younger ones, nephew, so the Phew part is short for nephew,” shares 1K Phew. “I’m just a young kid from Atlanta with something to say,” he confesses. “I just want to share my life through this music. My message is faith and hope. The story I’m telling is how I overcame my obstacles. You can’t force anybody to follow your way, but you can keep it 1000, let your light shine, and watch them come to you.”

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