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Ald. Pat Dowell left with one opponent after three were removed during challenge hearings

Correction: Beverly Miles remains in the aldermanic race in the 28th Ward. She did not withdraw her candidacy as originally reported in our print edition. The graph that includes Miles’s name is correct in indicating that she is still in the race.

18 aldermanic candidates in Black wards off the ballot

Crusader Staff Report

Eighteen aldermanic candidates in nine predominately Black wards are off the ballot in the city’s February, 26 elections, according to information posted by the Chicago Board of Elections, which is still conducting challenge hearings this week.

Chicago’s 50 aldermen are up for re-election in next month’s elections. They face a fresh crop of candidates seeking to capitalize on voter anger towards the political establishment that has been embroiled in scandal in the last four years.

p dowell1
Alderman Pat Dowell

In the 3rd Ward, Alderman Pat Dowell was left with just one opponent after three opponents were removed from the ballot. They include Lealan M. Jones, Andre S. Love and Darva Watkins. The board ruled that Jones filed an incorrect statement of economic interest with her petition. Love and Watkins withdrew their candidacy, according to documents on the board’s website.


In the 20th ward, candidates Kametha Hill, Clifton Pierce and Matthew Johnson were removed from the ballot. The board’s decision on Cassius Randolph’s petition was in the pending phase as of press time Wednesday. Objection recommendations from the hearing officer to the board were pending for candidates Charles Hillard and Sheila Scott. The status of objection rulings for candidates Jennifer Maddox and Quandra Speights have yet to be determined.

In the 5th ward, candidate Shelly Quiles was removed from the ballot after the board ruled that she secured 281 valid signatures instead of the required 473. Quiles’ removal leaves incumbent Leslie Hairston with two oppnents, including activist William Calloway and former Hyde Park Herald Editor Gabriel Piemonte.

In the 8th ward, Linda Hudson survived an objection challenge in her bid to unseat incumbent Michelle Harris. In the same race, Sherri Bolling was removed from the ballot after the board ruled that she received 390 valid signatures out 784 she filed with her petition papers. Another candidate, Harold Bailey, withdrew his candidacy during his objection hearing.

In the 24th ward, Edward Ward was removed from the ballot and Larry Nelson withdrew his candidacy.

In the 28th ward, Theresa Rayford and Justina L. Winfrey withdrew their candidacy from the race.





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