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15-year-old author’s book series becomes mandatory reading in some schools

By Kandia Johnson,

Essynce Moore is the author of The Middle School Chronicles—a series of books preparing students as well as parents for the roller-coaster ride of middle school—from conquering math and bullying to boy crushes and self-esteem. Recently, her book series became mandatory readings for some districts including schools in Hillside and Orange, New Jersey, and several charter schools in Brooklyn, New York. On top of juggling school and writing books, Moore is managing a career as an actress, teenpreneur, and motivational speaker. In the midst of her busy schedule, Black Enterprise caught up with her to learn more about her journey.

Tell me about the moment that inspired you to write your first book, 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles: Where NO Secrets Are Kept?

Every day, after school, my mom would ask me how my day was. I’d always have some bizarre story to tell her about the crazy antics that occurred inside my classes. That’s when I started journaling and writing down all the events that took place and ended up creating a book in the process.


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