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By Ima Gontellit

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is published as political satire, street gossip and humor, and therefore should not be considered as fact but rather as matter of opinion. None of the items therein are collected by the news gathering staff of the Crusader Newspaper Group. Items forwarded to The Chatterbox are kept confidential unless otherwise requested by the author in writing. For submissions please forward to: [email protected]. Original photography and artwork are permitted. Thank you for reading!


Carl West

Carl West, Ima is skeered of you!! You done shook up Chicago by joining the “Tell It Like It Is” Crusader and Ima in living up to your name TBT (Truth Be Told). Brudder you let two of the newest grocery stores Mariano’s and Whole Foods have it. Folks are fattening the coffers of these stores lik dey giving away food. What do you expect anyway, most of the South Side has been a food desert for too many years, so when dese good non-Black stores come into our neighborhood we are so glad that we don’t have to take a bus, train and automobile to buy some groceries. We forget dese businesses need to give back to the communities that support them. Dey really don’t give a damn about the community. Dey become blood suckers, they take away in bushel baskets our hard-earned money and give nothing back. Their arrogance can be smelled to New York and back. Dey don’t feel dey have to advertise to get you to come to their stores. Dey don’t even have to advertise in the Black Press that gave dem free ink announcing their arrival. A lot of the blame has to go to our Mare (Rahm Emanuel) and Aldermen (Pat Dowell – 3rd Ward) for Mariano’s and add Alderman Toni Foulkes (16th Ward) to Whole Foods. If’n you remember the Mare used bringing dese stores into the hood as campaign fodder. He probably tol’ dem you ain’t got to do nothing for those negres, just get ready to haul your money to the bank. I spoke to our boss here and she said we had to go through a lot of changes to sell our newspapers in their stores. I hope that all of the voters on the west and south sides and everywhere else we lives will remember the little short emperor when the election comes around, cause Ima sholl will. And Mare you better dispatch your lackey Andrea Zopp and her sidekick Roderick Hawkins to hep you out. You will need the two years left on your term to smooth this one over. Oh by the way go to the Crusader website and see the TBT News Commentary. Thanks Carl!!!



Sen. Emil Jones
Paul Vallas
Rev. Marshall Hatch

Before Ima could get the word out that Carl West again took Rev. Marshall Hatch to task for his strange behavior regarding the Chicago State University takeover attempt. Paul Vallas was backed by former Senator Emil Jones, Alderman Anthony Beale and some other undercover bruthas on the board of the university. The Gubner wanted Vallas to be president of CSU, you know how some of us think “we needs a white man to straighten things out.” Yu know the white man’s ice is colder than the Black man’s. In this case, it seems the khaki wearing hick Gubner has threatened to withhold funds and help from CSU unless Vallas heads up the CSU team. At a closed door meeting he sent out the word and I guess Rev. Hatch was a bit confused and did not quite know what to say or do. Some say his appearance on Chicago Tonight convinced them that he was with Vallas. TBT said he kept looking to Vallas to validate him. Is there anybody left in Chicago besides Ima and Carl West not for sale? I know there are a few others. but lawd we bees in trouble. One true sign of one not for sale is dey is still in the hood and there ain’t no “FOR SALE” sign on the front door!!!



Omarosa Manigault

I have to admit that my boss told me this. If you haven’t seen it anywhere it’s because egg is on the face of the National Newspaper Publishers Association leadership as they celebrated the 190th year of the founding of the first Black newspaper in Washington last week. Word is Omarosa asked to come to speak to the Black publishers and when she was questioned about promising “45” would give his first interview to the Black Press at a breakfast meeting she got po’oed and left while the publishers were still trying to digest their eggs. She did the neck roll, gave the hand signal and said dis is done!!! She may be in Trump Country at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but she is still a ghetto queen. The Black Press said my boss “Punked The Black Press.”

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