Rev. Jackson praises Cherokee Nation Supreme Court’s decision to recognize the legitimacy of descendants of Cherokee slaves

“Together, we can right some wrongs”

Chicago, IL — Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 praised the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court’s recent ruling that removed the phrase “by blood” from its constitution and other tribal laws legally recognizing the legitimacy of the descendants of Black people, known as Cherokee Freemen, who were once their slaves.

“The treaty should be honored,” said Rev. Jackson who has traced his Cherokee heritage and slavery on his father’s side. “Blacks escaped to the reservation because they were oppressed. Praising the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court’s ruling, Rev. Jackson added, “This is how it should be. Together, we can right some wrongs.”

Stuart Anglin, lead plaintiff in the Cherokee Return of land lawsuit and corporate board member of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama, and his son, Kyle, were elated over the ruling agreeing that “Indian by the blood” Blacks shed especially during the 1830-1850 Trail of Tears.

In 1830, Congress passed the Removal Act that resulted in about 100,000 Native Americans and thousands of slaves being forcibly relocated over 5,043 miles and through nine states, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee. More than 1,000 died during the forced relocation.

“The Cherokee needs to have these government bodies enlist support to us so that we can help tie in the Freemen and the other mixed bloods with ancestral Cherokee blood in cooperation with the return of land for the original Cherokee Nation East of the Mississippi,” said Stuart Anglin.

“These Cherokee tribes, both state and federal, will be apportioned per capita. These lands would be divided amongst the tribes,” he said. While this would help the Cherokee tribe now, eventually he said it would help the others including the Choctaws, the Muscogee Creeks, Seminoles and Chickasaws.

“Ultimately, we can tie the knot with all Cherokee blood,” Stuart Anglin said. Freedmen, Stuart Anglin explained, “have always been taken from the table. It was said if you have Caucasians blood or European blood or Cherokee blood, and if you printed that you can come into these tribes, but the Black man. They ain’t coming in because they were held as slaves.

‘They were kind of a warden of the Cherokee people. Many of those folks had Cherokee blood and had relations with two oppressed people, Blacks and Native American Indians who found comfort in each other post, pre and during the slavery years,” he said.

“There were some bad Cherokees who even had white man’s belief in slavery.”

The Court’s ruling is in response to a 2017 ruling by the U.S. District Court, which ruled that the descendants of Black people once enslaved by the tribe have the right to tribal citizenship rights under a treaty the Cherokee Nation made with the U.S. in 1866.

Cherokee Nation Supreme Court Justice Shawna S. Baker wrote in the opinion, “Freedmen rights are inherent. They extend to descendants of Freedmen as a birthright springing from their ancestors’ oppression and displacement as people of color recorded and memorialized in Article 9 of the 1866 Treaty.”

Referring to the Court’s ruling, Anglin’s son, Kyle, said, “This allows our Black brothers and sisters to be able to claim their inheritance. It is theirs by birthright. They have never been able to claim their inheritance.”

“The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has announced that Freedmen and Cherokee of Black descent are finally able to claim their lineage,” said Kyle Anglin. Referring to Black Cherokees, Kyle Anglin added, “They are my brothers and my sisters.”

He said the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has the most Cherokee citizens, about 330,000, and it is a Black mark on the Cherokee Nations. “They don’t want to talk about some Cherokee owning slaves. They are talking about it now,” he said.

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  1. Hello

    I have a follow up to the article

    I an attorney handling the Federal class action for the Cherokee and I have information which should be gotten out to the American people.

    The Biden Administration has in court filings recently asserted that no one can hereinafter sue the government even for unconstitutional violations without the government’s consent. This position on a statement by Rev Jesse Jackson a supporter of President Biden “turns the Bill of Rights into a Bill of Suggestions:” and rewrites the entire Constitution by Presidential fiat. Rev Jackson and the Cherokee People have been unable to get his concerns to President Biden hence this letter to you in hope that these concerns can reach the President through you.

    This is not hyperbole but what the Biden Administration is seeking to have done at this every moment. The Biden Administration is seeking a dismissal of a Cherokee class action lawsuit for the unconstitutional violation of the 5th Amendment by asserting that the government can never be sued without its consent. This turns the government into a virtual dictatorship. There is no other words for a government that cannot be sued to stop illegal and unconstitutional actions.

    The Cherokees filed last year a federal class action for the return of their land that was taken and never used under the infamous the 1835 Trail of Tears treaty along with a fair payment for the land that’s not returned. The Cherokees were forced to accept less than 20% of the value of the land while under gunpoint in chains and in concentration camps for land that they did not want to sale or leave. All this was done in furtherance of the ethnic cleansing program promulgated under the Indian Removal Act, the first of its type in the modern age and which Adolf Hitler himself stated was the basis for his Holocaust.

    The Cherokee class action is set forth on its web site

    The Trump Administration first responded by asserting in a Motion to Dismiss that no one can sue the government even the Constitutional violations without its consent. The Trump administration was attempting to expand the doctrine of sovereign immunity which up to this case had only been been applied to federal statute now to to the entire constitution itself

    Congressman Danny Davis and Rev Jesse Jackson working together in opposition to the Trump administration had introduced House Bill 8976 entitled the Access to American Courts (ATAC BILL), This ATAC BILL confirms what the people have always believed that they have the right to sue the government without the government consent in order to to stop it’s unconstitutional actions

    What was once perceived by the Democrats as a dictatorial power grab when bring tried by Trump is now viewed as perfectly right, just and proper when done by the Biden. What might have been done by the Trump Administration by accident is being done by the Biden Administration intentionally.

    President Biden had announced just days after taking office sweeping Native American and minority programs for the redress of the harms done to them over the years

    What is as interesting as it it hypocritical is that the Biden Administration and Democrats have now done an about face on House Bill 8976 and are now affirmatively adopting and is now asserting that no one can ever sue the government without its consent even to stop constitutional rights violations, This new reading of the constitution turns the Bill of Rights into a Bill of Suggestions as stated by Rev Jackson.

    The hypocrisy of this position is highlighted even further in that it was the Cherokees who are responsible for giving the control of the Senate to the Democrats. It was the 28,000+ voting bloc of Indian justice supporters that the Cherokees at the last minute threw behind Senator Ossoff which gave him his victory. This came about because Senator Ossoff’s mother had convinced Stuart Anglin the Cherokee lead plaintiff that he was a supporter of Indian justice.

    The 28,000 votes if taken away from Ossoff and given to Senator Perdue instead would have given him the election.

    With the several special House elections coming up, plus midterm elections in a year and a half it will be interesting to see how the electorate as well as the hitherto non aligned Indian vote in the nation will accept the Biden’s Administration’s assault on the right of all Americans to hold the government accountable for its unconstitutional actions.

    If you have any questions of both I am and Mr. Anglin are available to speak with you


    Michael Lynn Gabriel

    Law Office of Michael Lynn Gabriel
    1903A Cooley Ave
    East Palo Alto, CA 94303


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